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I told you to leave it, and I’ll let you go.

–Zeha, 7Fates: CHAKHO Character Poster

Zeha (제하) is one of the main characters of 7FATES: CHAKHO, a Beom-Gom hybrid who uses his Beom abilities in secret to hunt them.[1]


Zeha is a cynical and pessimistic young man. As a child, he used to be more curious and persistent in trying to look for the truth about his parents. However, as he grew up, he came to resent his parents and stopped.


Childhood and growing up[]

Zeha is born from a father of the Beom tribe and a shaman mother of the Gom tribe. The family lived near Beom Rock but his parents were killed by Hupo when he couldn't figure out the way to stay in Sin-si.

Due to the tragic incident, Zeha suppressed these memories until growing up, nearly forgetting all that had happened. He stayed at an orphanage but stayed alone. Not recalling how his parents died, he pestered the teachers about it but never got an answer. He grew from missing his parents to feeling resent towards them and became colder.[2] Eventually, when Zeha was old enough, he took on multiple part-time jobs to make ends meet.[3]

Breaking the seal[]

At January 16, the anniversary of Zeha's parents deaths, Zeha got confronted by mysterious figure who asked if he'd like to know the truth about their deaths. As Zeha was about to ignore and decline, the figure caught his attention by knowing his name and the background of his parents. The figure told him to go to Inwang Mountain before leaving.[3]

Zeha followed the person's instructions and was confronted by Hupo. Hupo told him how his parents fell in love, and that Zeha's father managed to stay in Sin-si past The Day of Visitors by singing the "Gate Game Song." Zeha slowly remembered the song and got stuck into a trance, chanting the lyrics of the song and breaking the seal. Hupo attempted to kill Zeha now that he had finished what Hupo wanted him to do but ultimately just wounded him.[2] Zeha got sent to the hospital and remained unconscious for three days without remembering the events that happened.

When Zeha finally woke up, he got confronted by Detective Kim Soo-hoon. Soo-hoon revealed that 24 dead bodies were found at Inwang Mountain and that Zeha was the only survivor, making him the primary suspect. After Soo-hoon interrogated him for more questions that Zeha can't answer, the detective eventually left.[4]

Meeting Haru[]

A month after January 16, Zeha decided to go back to Inwang Mountain to recall what had happened, specifically at Beom Rock. Zeha meets Haru after examining a crack at the rock that wasn't there before. Although Zeha was skeptical about what Haru was saying, he eventually listened.[5] Haru told him about the history of beom and unlocked his memories of a month ago.[3] Zeha also recalled his childhood memories and started crying, with Haru comforting him.[2]

The first beom hunts and meeting Dogeon[]

Although Haru recommended Zeha to do some training first, Zeha immediately sprung to action to attempt to hunt a beom. Zeha allied himself with Seongjin and other members of Tiger Butterfly, but was used as a decoy and got injured. Zeha demanded a share of the money from the beom but got beaten up. He decided to follow Haru's advice and train, switching from using a gun to a sword according to the deity's recommendation.[6]

While roaming around District 3, Zeha encountered an injured beom and managed to kill it. Seongjin and two of his teammates were around and attempted to steal the beom head. Zeha fought the three men easily and the team fled.[7] Dogeon suddenly revealed himself, watching Zeha kill the beom and fight Tiger Butterfly. Dogeon revealed that he was the one who had first injured the beom and that the head should be his. Zeha agreed with his point and gave the head to him. He invited Dogeon to join him but Dogeon denied. However, the two agree to keep in contact whenever the other is in need of an emergency.[8]

Museum robbery and meeting Hwan[]

Zeha and Haru had made a decent amount of money from beom hunting, but it wasn't enough to buy a good sword to replace Zeha's nearly broken one.[8] Haru, upon seeing it on TV, suggested to take "The Sword of the Ancient Age" from a museum in District 5. Although Zeha rejected the idea as it was stealing, he inevitably trusted Haru and the two go on disguises to take the sword.[9]

As Zeha was about to take the sword, four beom lured by Seongjin attack him and Haru. Zeha took the sword and as he held it, the sword transformed into the "Sword of Death" and memories flashed in Zeha's mind. With his new sword, Zeha attacked the beoms with great speed and strength. Dogeon and Hwan also arrived at the scene and helped finishing off the beoms. After it was all over, Zeha confronted Seongjin but spared him again.[10] Zeha took a bow that was also in the museum upon an injured Haru's order and the group go back to his apartment before they get caught.

At the apartment, Zeha and Dogeon comfort a grieving Hwan, who told them about the beom who killed his parents and kidnapped his sister. Zeha offered Hwan to stay with them but Hwan declined, leaving the apartment. Dogeon and Zeha had a discussion about the fight earlier as the former got curious about the huge improvement Zeha had within a short period. When Dogeon compared his skill to that of a beom, Zeha grew nervous as he did not want to tell him yet of his heritage.[11] Zeha reasoned that it was his training method that helped him improve and Dogeon didn't press any further. Dogeon warned him about Tiger Butterfly and the two parted ways.[12]

Kyeongtae and District 7 attack[]

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Beom Physiology: As a result of being half-beom, Zeha inherited some abilities of the species. This allowed him greater speed and strength than a regular human.
  • Shamanism: From her mother Zeha inherited a certain ability with shaman magic, being able to make seals and protection spells.


  • Sword Mastery: Zeha's weapon of choice is swords, being skilled and swift in slicing low-grade beoms. His current weapon is known as the "Sword of Death".



  • The Sword of the Ancient Age: To be added
  • Gun: To be added
  • Sword: To be added