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Youth (유스; stylized in all caps) is an upcoming television series based on the BTS Universe. It is scheduled to air in 2021.


"Youth will expand on the storyline fans have seen throughout BTS' music videos and Save Me webtoon. The story will begin with Seok-jin meeting the six other guys. He learns everyone is dealing with their own struggles, and together, they learn to overcome their greatest difficulties."[1]

Cast and Characters

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On August 21, 2019, Big Hit Entertainment's co-CEO Bang Si-hyuk announced that a drama based on the debut days of BTS was in the early stages of production to be released in the second half of 2020 as part of the BTS Universe.[2] The series is co-produced by Chorokbaem Media.[3] Originally titled Blue Sky (푸른 하늘), the series' name was later changed to Youth.[4]


On June 17, 2020, it was reported that the production companies were in the process of casting the main and supporting actors, and that the main cast would only consist of rookie actors.[5] On October 19, it was announced that Seo Ji-hoon, Noh Jong-hyun, Ahn Ji-ho, Seo Young-joo, Kim Yoon-woo, Jung Woo-jin and Jeon Jin-seo would star in the series.[6]


The series is set to be released in 2021.[7]