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You Never Walk Alone is a repackage of BTS's second studio album Wings. It is also released as the second special album by BTS. It was released on February 13, 2017 with "봄날 (Spring Day)" serving as the album's title track. "Not Today" was used as a follow-up track during promotions.

The album was the third best-selling album of 2017 in South Korea.[1] As 2020, the album has sold more than one million copies alone and with the original edition more than two million copies.[2]


  • Left Version [CD+Photobook+Random Photocard]
  • Right Version [CD+Photobook+Random Photocard]


You Never Walk Alone Tracklist
  1. Intro: Boy Meets Evil (solo by j-hope)
  2. 피 땀 눈물 (Blood Sweat & Tears)
  3. Begin (solo by Jung Kook)
  4. Lie (solo by Jimin)
  5. Stigma (solo by V)
  6. First Love (solo by SUGA)
  7. Reflection (solo by RM)
  8. MAMA (solo by j-hope)
  9. Awake (solo by Jin)
  10. Lost (song by Jin, Jimin, V and Jung Kook)
  11. BTS Cypher 4 (song by RM, SUGA and j-hope)
  12. Am I Wrong
  13. 21세기 소녀 (21st Century Girl)
  14. 둘!셋! (그래도 좋은 날이더 많기를) (2! 3!)
  15. 봄날 (Spring Day) Title
  16. Not Today Follow-up
  17. Outro : Wings
  18. A Supplementary Story : You Never Walk Alone




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