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Yoonmin (Yoon/gi (Suga's real name) and Ji/min) is the friendship pairing between Suga and Jimin.


Jimin has a natural caring tendency and is rather more touchy-feely, whilst Suga expresses affection in smaller, more subtle ways. This ship is like the opposite despite Suga goth style, shy and quiet personality alongside Jimin preppy style, shy and kindhearted personality.



  • Both have ear piercings.
  • Both are the shortest members of the group.
  • Both are pretty quiet.


  • Suga was born in 1993, but Jimin was born in 1995.
  • Jimin was born in Busan, South Korea, but Suga was born in Daegu, South Korea.
  • Jimin is a vocalist, while Suga is a rapper.
  • Suga is in the Rap Line and Hyung Line, while Jimin is in the Maknae Line, Dance Line and Vocal Line.
  • Suga is 1.74m, while Jimin is 1.73m.
  • Suga is introverted and also pretty shy, while Jimin is probably the shyest and less talkative member.
  • Suga is considered as the emo boy of BTS because he wears mostly dark clothes. While Jimin is considered as the preppy boy because he wears mostly pastel clothes.


  • During the 3rd Muster, they sang "Tony Montana" together.
  • In Run BTS! Episode 29, Suga chose Jimin as one of his partners.
  • In Run BTS Episode 46, Suga had to make a cup for Jimin and engraved it with 'Jimin ♡'.
  • Among the group members, Jimin's voice is Suga's favorite.[1]
  • During the Happily Ever After an event in Japan, on the first day, they were paired together in the emoji rhythm game as 'Love'.
  • Jimin once insisted that if they created a subunit together, it would be named "Mini" because of similar heights.



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  1. BTS: Burn The Stage Ep.6


BTS Jin SUGA j-hope RM Jimin V Jung Kook
Jin 🐹 Yoonjin 2Seok Namjin Jinmin Taejin Jinkook
SUGA Yoonjin 🐱 Sope Namgi Yoonmin Taegi Yoonkook
j-hope 2Seok Sope 🐿️ Namseok Jihope Vhope Hopekook
RM Namjin Namgi Namseok 🐨 Minjoon Vmon Namkook
Jimin Jinmin Yoonmin Jihope Minjoon 🐥 Vmin Jikook
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Namjinmin RM, Jin, Jimin
Kim Line RM, Jin, V
Namjinkook RM, Jin, Jung Kook
Rap Line RM, SUGA, j-hope
Yoonminjoon RM, SUGA, Jimin
NamTaegi RM, SUGA, V
Namgikook RM, SUGA, Jung Kook
Minjoonseok RM, j-hope, Jimin
N/A RM, j-hope, V
RM, j-hope, Jung Kook
RM, Jimin, V
RM, Jimin, Jung Kook
RM, V, Jung Kook
Jin, SUGA, j-hope
Jin, SUGA, Jimin
Jin, SUGA, V
Jin, SUGA, Jung Kook
Jin, j-hope, Jimin
Jin, j-hope, V
Janjankook Jin, j-hope, Jung Kook
N/A Jin, Jimin, V
Jijinjung Jin, Jimin, Jung Kook
N/A Jin, V, Jung Kook
SUGA, j-hope, Jimin
SUGA, j-hope, V
SUGA, j-hope, Jung Kook
SUGA, Jimin, V
Yoonminkook SUGA, Jimin, Jung Kook
SUGA, V, Jung Kook
Sunshine Line j-hope, Jimin, V
3J j-hope, Jimin, Jung Kook
Vminkook Jimin, V, Jung Kook