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Yoonjin (Yoon/gi (SUGA's real name) and Jin) is the friendship pairing between Jin and SUGA.


Jin and SUGA are know as the ex-Eternal Roommates, they are the oldest members of the group, despite there only being a three month age gap, due to the birth years and the nature of Korean culture, Jin is technically SUGA's senior, and is often the only one who can control him and get away with it. They have said several times that their personalities matches well, even they frequently go to fishing together. SUGA said that he isn’t interested in fishing but since Jin likes it, he will always go with Jin.[1]



  • Both are in the Hyung Line.
  • Both are the youngest in their family and have an older brother.
  • Both blood types are O.
  • Both do not use their real name on stage.
  • Both love meat.
  • Both of them like dad jokes.
  • Both can cook well.
  • Both can play piano well (even though SUGA is more skillful than Jin).
  • As of 2019, both are INTP's (Logicians)


  • Jin was born in 1992, but SUGA was born in 1993.
  • Jin is a vocalist and a visual of the group, but SUGA is a rapper.
  • SUGA was born in Daegu, South Korea, but Jin was born in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
  • SUGA doesn't believe in MBTI as his has changed to from INFP (Mediator), but both have wide range of interests and are far less sensitive to criticisms than RM (ENFP, Campaigner).
  • Jin is in the Vocal Line and Visual Line, while SUGA is in the Rap Line.




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  1. In the SOOP BTS ver. (Episode 4)


BTS Jin SUGA j-hope RM Jimin V Jung Kook
Jin 🐹 Yoonjin 2Seok Namjin Jinmin Taejin Jinkook
SUGA Yoonjin 🐱 Sope Namgi Yoonmin Taegi Yoonkook
j-hope 2Seok Sope 🐿️ Namseok Jihope Vhope Hopekook
RM Namjin Namgi Namseok 🐨 Minjoon Vmon Namkook
Jimin Jinmin Yoonmin Jihope Minjoon 🐥 Vmin Jikook
V Taejin Taegi Vhope Vmon Vmin 🐻 Taekook
Jung Kook Jinkook Yoonkook Hopekook Namkook Jikook Taekook 🐰
Name Number of Members Members
Moon Line 3 RM, Jin, SUGA
Nam2Seok RM, Jin, j-hope
Namjinmin RM, Jin, Jimin
Kim Line RM, Jin, V
Namjinkook RM, Jin, Jung Kook
Rap Line RM, SUGA, j-hope
Yoonminjoon RM, SUGA, Jimin
NamTaegi RM, SUGA, V
Namgikook RM, SUGA, Jung Kook
Minjoonseok RM, j-hope, Jimin
N/A RM, j-hope, V
RM, j-hope, Jung Kook
RM, Jimin, V
RM, Jimin, Jung Kook
RM, V, Jung Kook
Jin, SUGA, j-hope
Jin, SUGA, Jimin
Jin, SUGA, V
Jin, SUGA, Jung Kook
Jin, j-hope, Jimin
Jin, j-hope, V
Janjankook Jin, j-hope, Jung Kook
N/A Jin, Jimin, V
Jijinjung Jin, Jimin, Jung Kook
N/A Jin, V, Jung Kook
SUGA, j-hope, Jimin
SUGA, j-hope, V
SUGA, j-hope, Jung Kook
SUGA, Jimin, V
Yoonminkook SUGA, Jimin, Jung Kook
SUGA, V, Jung Kook
Sunshine Line j-hope, Jimin, V
3J j-hope, Jimin, Jung Kook
Vminkook Jimin, V, Jung Kook