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Trigger Warning: This article or section has mature content, such as:
Depressive Themes, Violence, Suicide, and Alcoholism, view at your own risk.
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Yoon-gi's House is a fictional location from Songju City and Min Yoon-gi's house on the original story BTS Universe.


Yoon-gi wakes up from a dream. He had been working on a piano piece for several nights, the result of which was that the melody haunted him in his dream. In his dream he was near his apartment, covered in dense fog, and picked up a piano key. As soon as he did that the scenery changed to a workroom memories come to him of, playing piano with Jung-kook, followed by memories of the beach-visit. When he wakes up there is a banging on his door. A girl who has become his music partner frequents his workroom often. She evaluated his work harshly and nagged him to finish it.

She even makes him give up smoking. This provoked him, and he began working harder on his music, ignoring calls and messages and staying up all night to compose. When he is done, the girl compliments him but this complement reminds him of Jung-kook. The woman reminds him to meet her at the hospital tomorrow for her guitar performance. He gets a call from Ji-min. The call reminds him of his dream in which his house caught fire, and a scene from his mother’s unlit room in which she is blaming him.

Yoon-gi rushes to the hospital to see Jung-kook, remembering Ji-min’s words that Jung-kook had almost died. All of this reminds him of his dream, the fire and his mother’s words. He is not sure if his mother said it or someone else did, but the words haunted him to this day, and he begins to wonder if he was to blame for Jung-kook’s accident. He wonders if he had ignored him at the music shop that day, would the accident have still happened. As he leaves, he hears the melody of a guitar. The sound of guitar overlaps with sounds of fire, piano and other sounds in Yoon-gi’s head. He runs away from the hospital to get away from the overwhelming sound.

–花樣年華 THE NOTES 1
Yoon-gi, 15 June Year 22


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Physical location[]

Year 20

BU - 25 June Year 20

Yoon-gi's expulsion notice.

June 25: Yoon-gi gets expelled from school.[1][2] He gets home and recalls the time he picked up a half-burnt piano key at their old house after the funeral. He notes that ever since his mother died, his father got stricter and it got more silent in the house. They weren't allowed to make noise past 10 in the evening which was when his father was asleep. Yoon-gi realizes that he doesn't have the courage to run away. He throws the piano key out the window, declaring that he will give up on playing the piano.[3][4]

Year 22

July 29: Yoon-gi keeps thinking about the song he had made with the girl. He recalls the time he had picked up the half-burnt key but then threw it away with his first declaration to give up on playing the piano.[3][4] However, he had regretted that decision and tried to look for it, only to find that he really had lost the key. Yoon-gi talks about how many times he tried to give up on music, but knows that in the end he'll end up coming back to it. He knows music brings up many conflicting emotions both good and bad. Then, he feels as though he wants to play the piano again. He wants to finish the song he had made with the girl, feeling sure that this time he'd be able to.[5]

Location mention[]

Year 22

July 18: Nam-joon and Tae-hyung have been looking around the rooftop of buildings in Songju for the last two week. Their only hint comes from Tae-hyung's dream of a can of coffee and a four-leaf clover. Nam-joon notes how it has been raining for a few days, and that eventually, they gave up on bringing umbrellas. Nam-joon looks up to the building, which contained the offices of one Kim Chang-joon. Tae-hyung asks who he is, which baffles Nam-joon because it was one of the cases where Tae-hyung didn't seem to know the obvious. Nam-joon tells Tae-hyung that Kim Chang-joon is Seok-jin's father.[6] Meanwhile, Ji-min is walking around the convenience store near the neighborhood of their old school. He comes across a graffiti that he recognizes as something done by Tae-hyung. It's a graffiti of a person that showed no particular emotion.[7] Ji-min immediately recognizes it to be Seok-jin. However, as he thinks of Seok-jin, someone else's face comes to his mind that ends up looking identical as well to the graffiti due to their soulless eyes. Suddenly, Ji-min realises who he has to find.[8]


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