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Yeontan (연탄) (also known as Tan (탄), Tannie (탄이) or Kim Yeontan (김 연탄)) is a black-and-tan Pomeranian dog that belongs to V.


Yeontan was first shown on December 4, 2017, in Jin's birthday V LIVE.[2] He is a male dog that used to live with BTS; however, due to their busy schedule, V was not always able to take care of him, so he currently lives with V's parents. Yeontan is an adorable and small dog and is very close to all the members.



V and Yeontan are incredibly close. While living in the bedroom, he always followed Taehyung and there were many interactions between them. Taehyung must have been really upset when Yeontan moved because looking at his tweets on Twitter, he had a very close relationship with his dog.

BTS members

Yeontan lived with the other members in his bedroom. There are many photos of the members holding Yeontan and taking photos with him. Members were definitely close to him and treated him like their own dog.


  • He is one of five of the pets V currently owns
  • He used to live in BTS's bedroom, but now he is with Taehyung's parents.
  • Taehyung and the members are very close to him, but due to their busy schedule, they don't see him that much.
  • His nickname is Tannie.