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Weverse (also stylized as WeVerse; Korean: 위버스) is a South Korean mobile app and web platform created by South Korean entertainment company HYBE Corporation. The app specializes in hosting multimedia content, the sale of artist-related merchandise, content subscription, and artist-to-fan communications for artists.

Weverse hosts a variety of free and paid content including educational and entertainment videos, Instagram Story-style updates, and artist-to-fan interactions and communities for users to connect with each other.[1] The app is also used to publish official statements by HYBE on behalf of artists signed with its labels.[2]

The software was developed by HYBE's technology subsidiary Weverse Company (formerly beNX). As of 2023, Weverse has over 10 million monthly users.[3]


The app was developed by Weverse Company (formerly beNX), a subsidiary technology company of HYBE Corporation (formerly Big Hit Entertainment) specializing in digital platforms and customer service.[4] According to Weverse Company then president, Seo Wooseok, the app was developed to offer a platform for K-pop artists to interact with fans "on a deeper level" than that offered by YouTube or Twitter, which emphasize content delivery over communication. Hybe then co-CEO Lenzo Yoon characterized the app as a "one-stop service within the music industry".[5]

According to Jenny Zha, CEO of the digital media consultancy firm Infinitize, K-pop "market leaders like BTS", who have amassed significant fan followings, no longer need to focus on being discovered but rather on monetization and ownership of their content. Zha, in an interview with Billboard, explained that "labels want to [...] create an asset they can own and mobilize for other artists and ventures because they know that fans will follow to where the content is. It creates more security for the label for the long term".[6]

HYBE launched the e-commerce platform Weply in June 2019. It later became the app Weverse Shop. On January 27, 2021, Naver Corporation announced the transfer of their V-Live service to Weverse Company and its integration with the Weverse platform.[7] On January 1, 2023, V-Live service was officially terminated.[8]

BTS contents[]

BTS joined Weverse on July 1, 2019. The group announced during the finale of its Love Yourself: Speak Yourself stadium tour in Seoul that the fourth season of its annual reality show, Bon Voyage, would be leaving the Korean video streaming service V Live, which hosted its first three seasons, for the new platform Weverse. The fourth season of Bon Voyage is available by direct purchase on the Weverse Shop app or with the purchase of an annual membership for BTS's global fan club.

In August 2019, BTS launched a six-episode mini-documentary series for purchase on Weverse entitle Bring the Soul: Docu-Series, which expands on BTS's 2019 documentary film Bring the Soul: The Movie. The first episode aired on Weverse on August 27 and concluded on October 1. Each episode centered on a theme related to the group's Love Yourself album series and showcased content from the 2018 Love Yourself world tour.[9]

On March 22, 2020, HYBE Corporation announced the release of a video series entitled "Learn! Korean With BTS" on the social media app Weverse. The project was first mentioned in February during a live-streamed press release by Big Hit Entertainment on YouTube, in which Bang Si-Hyuk explained that the project intended to "make it easy and fun for global fans who have difficulty enjoying BTS's music and contents due to the language barrier".[10] The series consists of thirty three-minute lessons on Korean expressions and grammar using footage from existing BTS content on YouTube and V Live, such as Run BTS! and "Bangtan Bomb".[11] The videos were developed in collaboration with experts at the Korean Language Content Institute and Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. The first three episodes were released on March 24, with subsequent videos posted weekly on Mondays, which later led to the creation of HYBE's educational division, HYBE EDU.[12]


List of artists on Weverse.

Artist Wevers Opened at Company Restricted[notes 1]
TXT 6,370,374 2019.06.10 HYBE / Big Hit Music
BTS 16,627,633 2019.07.01 HYBE / Big Hit Music
GFRIEND 1,200,373 2019.08.12 HYBE / Source Music 2021.07.01
SEVENTEEN 3,441,127 2020.03.17 HYBE / PLEDIS Entertainment
ENHYPEN 5,761,245 2020.06.05 (as I-LAND)
2020.09.19 (as ENHYPEN)
HYBE / Belift Lab
NU'EST 481,834 2020.09.08 HYBE / PLEDIS Entertainment 2022.03.31
CL 559,358 2020.09.28 KONNECT Entertainment
P1Harmony 622,319 2020.10.05 FNC Entertainment
Weeekly 356,136 2020.10.12 IST Entertainment
SUNMI 503,669 2020.10.19 ABYSS Company
HENRY 273,260 2020.10.26
Dreamcatcher 360,409 2020.11.09 Dreamcatcher Company
Gracie Abrams 173,736 2020.11.25 Interscope Records
Cherry Bullet 150,833 2021.01.03 FNC W
New Hope Club 153,891 2021.02.01 Hollywood Records
Alexander 23 43,126 2021.02.15 Interscope Records
MIRAE 242,356 2021.03.15 DSP Media
TREASURE 1,492,977 2021.03.29 YG Entertainment
LETTEAMOR N/A 2021.04.05 Potluck 2022.01.19
Jeremy Zucker 62,561 2021.04.19 Republic Records
PRETTYMUCH 55,164 2021.05.03 Sire Records
woo!ah! 102,662 2021.05.17 NV Entertainment
MAX 112,990 2021.05.31 Colour Vision
FTISLAND 65,017 2021.06.07 FNC Entertainment
EVERGLOW 317,602 2021.06.14 Yue Hua Entertainment
iKON 538,793 2021.06.21 YG Entertainment
JUST B 259,636 2021.07.28 Bluedot Entertainment
Mad Monster 71,808 2021.07.05 Restricted[notes 2]
BLACKPINK 3,639,024 2021.08.02 YG Entertainment
STAYC 425,326 2021.08.09 High Up Entertainment
LILHUDDY 178,357 2021.08.23
PURPLE K!SS 109,510 2021.08.30 RBW
fromis_9 262,852 2021.09.06 HYBE / PLEDIS Entertainment
PRIKIL 72,415 2021.10.05 (as Who is Princess?)
2022.03.08 (as PRIKIL)
FNC Japan
WINNER 228,749 2021.10.18 YG Entertainment
ONEUS 168,861 2021.10.25 RBW
RAVI 43,583 2022.01.17
KIM JUNSU 46,610 2022.01.24
LE SSERAFIM 572,767 2022.05.28 HYBE / Source Music
OH MY GIRL 37,469 2022.08.04 WM
UP10TION 37,376 2022.02.14 TOP Media
ZICO 61,241 2022.07.20 KOZ
CNBLUE 24,919 2022.08.08 FNC Entertainment
VICTON 67,795 2022.05.26 IST Entertainment
KINGDOM 48,688 2022.04.20 GF
SECRET NUMBER 74,387 2022.06.02 VINE
ONLYONEOF 41,554 2022.06.27 8D
ROCKET PUNCH 19,766 2022.06.16 WOOLLIM Entertainment
ATBO 49,602 2022.06.23 IST Entertainment
T1419 36,748 2022.08.01 MLD
HYOLYN 19,901 2022.06.20 BRIDGE
BILLIE 32,005 2022.08.22 MYSTIC STORY
TRI.BE 22,786 2022.06.13 TR Entertainment
Apink 38,961 2022.05.23 IST Entertainment
BLITZERS 34,835 2022.04.06 Wuzo Entertainment
Golden Child 41,522 2022.06.30 WOOLLIM Entertainment
TNX 103,718 2022.05.30 P NATION
VERYVERY 63,826 2022.02.07 JELLYFISH
XG 103,087 2022.03.14 XGALX
LEE JIN HYUK 37,246 2022.02.21 TOP Media
BAEKHO (KANG DONG HO) N/A 2022.05.04 HYBE / PLEDIS Entertainment
HWANG MIN HYUN 105,559 2022.05.04 HYBE / PLEDIS Entertainment
&TEAM 457,855 2022.06.08 (as &AUDITION)

2022.09.05 (as &TEAM)

HYBE Labels Japan


List of concerts and live performances organized/produced solely by or in conjunction with Weverse.

Date Title Venue Organizer(s) Attendance Ref.
December 31, 2020 2021 NEW YEAR'S EVE LIVE presented by Weverse Weverse (online) Weverse, HYBE Labels [13]
December 31, 2021 2022 Weverse Con [New Era] KINTEX Hall 4 (in-person)/Weverse, Venewlive (online) [14]
October 15, 2022 BTS <Yet To Come> in BUSAN Busan Asiad Main Stadium (in-person) / Weverse (online) Weverse, HYBE Labels, Big Hit Music 50,000 (in-person) / 49.07 million (online) [15]
June 10–11, 2023 2023 Weverse Con Festival KSPO Dome (in-person) / Weverse (online) Weverse, HYBE Labels [16]
June 15–16, 2024 2024 Weverse Con Festival Inspire Entertainment Resort (in-person) / Weverse (online) 22,000 (in-person) / 18,000 (online) [17]


  1. Restricted = Weverse cannot make new posts or comments but can still view past posts and other contents.
  2. Restricted on September 05, 2022.


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