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This article focuses on the webtoon We On: Be The Shield.
For the song, see "We On".

We On (위 온) is a webtoon published online on NATE. The story is about a girl who transfers to a prestigious school when monsters start to show up. However, she "syncs up" with a group of boys who gain superpowers to defeat them.[1]

The webtoon was set for a season two but has discontinued.


When the world is threatened by a parasitic alien invasion, our only hope lies with a group of super-powered teenagers. But how can they save the world when they can hardly save themselves? Teamwork, optimism, and good intentions are seemingly no longer enough as each enemy is stronger than the last. They’re going to save the world, or simply die trying. The boys in this webtoon are based on K-POP idol group BTS.



The following characters are introduced by prologue chapters:


  • L - a transferee student that can "sync" with the main characters.
  • Ran - the previous record holder of passing O.C.'s test.
  • President of O.C. - Jin's mother.
  • Chairman of O.C.
  • Seungwoo - Jimin's friend and the first case of a human fusing with an axion.
  • Delinquent - Seungwoo's bully.
  • Equal - a mysterious student that summons axions.