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Trigger Warning: This article or section has mature content, such as:
Depressive Themes, Violence, Suicide, and Alcoholism, view at your own risk.
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Two Star Burger is a fictional location from Songju City, where Jung Ho-seok works at the cashier for the fast food restaurant.


Ho-seok leaves the room, unable to see Jung-kook trying to put up a brave front. He recalls how he had been wondering about why Jung-kook did not visit Two Star Burger recently, so he had asked his classmates. The classmates had told him that he had gotten into an accident around 20 days ago. Shocked, Ho-seok had opened their GC only to find there had been no message since the beach visit. He informed the group that Jung-kook had gotten into an accident. Inside the room, Ji-min and Jung-kook are talking. Ji-min tells Jung-kook that he has enrolled in a dance crew.

Ho-seok checks the message he had sent, 4 people had still not read it. Annoyed, Ho-seok wonders if they were only fair-weather friends. He recalls how Jung-kook had only been in his third year of middle school when they had all gone their separate ways. He had such a forlorn look on his face on the day Ho-seok had come to clean up their things from the classroom. Tae-hyung calls, asking for Jung-kook. Ho-seok tries to angrily scold him for not reading the message earlier, he hears Tae-hyung’s voice as if he was holding back tears.

–花樣年華 THE NOTES 1
Ho-seok, 13 June Year 22


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Physical location[]

Year 22

BU - Hoseok working

Ho-seok working.

March 2: Ho-seok starts working at Two Star Burger, a burger joint. He talks about how he likes his job because it gives him the opportunity to laugh, be cheerful, and be happy. Sometimes there were hard days, but it was easier then because his friends were there. With the start of the new semester, students came inside the joint and he thinks about his highschool friends and what had happened to them. He recalls Seok-jin last summer vacation who seemed to be avoiding them, so he kept distance.[1][2] He finds out that Seok-jin transferred. Yoon-gi didn't respond to their calls, and no one knew what happened to Nam-joon. Tae-hyung also began to ditch school after Nam-joon left and was seen in and out of the police station for his graffiti. He sees Jung-kook from time to time, thinking that he must've got into fights based from his bruises. Lastly, he recalls Ji-min, whom he last saw at the hospital, something that still haunts him. His thoughts get cut off when someone familiar walks into the joint.[3][4]

Location mention[]

Year 22

February 25: Ho-seok graduates from highschool and moves out of the orphanage due to being too old to still stay there. There, he moves to a rooftop room that had a view of Songju. He finally has a place where he could be himself. He yells out, "Let's do well!" as he moves his things to his new home.[5]


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