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This page functions as the current timeline of BTS Universe. It contains matters that happened in music videos, short films, short stories and the webtoon in chronological order.

1st Timeline (Original)


BU - Hoseoks memory

"Ho-seok-ah. Count to ten and then open your eyes."

July 23: Ho-seok, in a math class, remembers when his mother gave him a chocolate bar and told him to close his eyes and count to ten. When he opened his eyes his mother was gone, leaving him at an amusement park and never returning. After that, he is seen to have collapsed to the ground.[1][2]

December 29: Tae-hyung's dad arrives drunk and hits him.[3]


April 6: Ji-min had a school picnic with their parents at the Flowering Arboretium, but Ji-min's parents couldn't attend. His teacher was going to take him to his house but he decided to return on his own, in the end he goes back to the Arboretium and he ended up in something like a storage area.[4]


September 19: Yoon-gi’s house burns down causing the death of his mother.[5]


August: Ji-min transfers schools after his discharge from the hospital.[6]


February 20: Seok-jin returns from the United States.[7]

March 2: Seok-jin was transferred to the school and informed that he had to repeat another year because of the change in the education system.[8]

March 15: Yoon-gi enjoys his lunch at school with all the guys and starts to compare how are his lunches with his father he can't even talk.[9]

May 28: Jung-kook asks his hyungs what their dreams are because he has to do an investigation about it, to which Seok-jin responds "maybe, being a good person", while Yoon-gi tells him he didn't need to have something like a dream, causing everyone to laugh. Tae-hyung says that he wants to be a superhero and save the world from the bad guys, and Ho-seok responds that after finding his mother he wants to live happily and when he asked Ji-min what his dream is, he replies he doesn't know who to be. Nam-joon answers that he has no dreams, that he only wants his salary to increase in his part-time job at the gas station. This announcement leaving Jung-kook at a loss of what to write.[10]

BU - 12 June Year 2019

Everyone walking through the train station.

June 12: Everyone skips class and Nam-joon proposes that they go to the sea, since they don't have money they decide to walk. They walk through the train station to get there faster. They pass a sign that says "Flowering Arboretium, 2.2 km." Ji-min stops and Yoon-gi notices his strange expression, but Ji-min walked on again.[11][12]

June 25: Seok-jin finds a flower pot, which was Ho-seok's, at the secret base, a warehouse classroom. And he notices that the windows and walls are covered by graffiti, he then, searches for his father's name, as he had gone to the same school and finds it and said "It all started from here".[13]

August 30: Ho-seok brings Ji-min to his house even though he doesn't live in the same direction. Ho-seok does it since Ji-min was transfer to the school. But Ji-min suddenly was scared and he thought "How long will these days last?"[14]


March 20: Tae-hyung sees Nam-joon standing in front of their secret base, then he notices the principal and Seok-jin talking in there. Seok-jin tells the principal about Tae-hyung and Yoon-gi skipping class, jumping a barrier and fighting with some guys. After Seok-jin leaves their secret base, Nam-joon tells Tae-hyung it's okay and that he must have had a reason to do it as Tae-hyung is in shock. Ho-seok then arrives with Ji-min , and when Seok-jin sees them getting closer, he says he has something to do and leaves. Tae-hyung decides not to tell anyone that he had been eavesdropping.[15]

May 15: On his last day going to classes, Nam-joon is in the secret base, thinking about his move in two weeks. On a piece of paper he then writes, "You must survive" and crumples it up and puts it in his pocket. Then he blurs the glass with his breath and writes "We will meet again", wishing it to be a promise among them.[16]

Between 28~30 May: Nam-joon leaves the city.[16]

July 17: Seok-jin seems to be waiting for the start of the summer vacation when Ho-seok and Ji-min appears. Ho-seok asks if he's going to leave to which Seok-jin gives meaningless responses and turns to think and what happened. He didn't know Yoon-gi and Jung-kook were on the secret base, the principal suspected he was protecting his brothers and threaten to tell his father so he talked about their hang out place because he thought there was no one there, but it resulted in Yoon-gi getting expelled and no one knew he was cause of that. Out of his thoughts, Ho-seok wished him to have a nice vacation, Seok-jin couldn't say anything, he remembered the first day when went to school and was late and everyone got in trouble with him, he felt he ruined all those memories.[17]

BU - September 15 Year 2020 (1st T)

Ji-min having a seizure.

September 15: Ho-seok is with Ji-min in the emergency room because he had a seizure at the bus stop, Ji-min's mother thanks him about that. The medics start to move Ji-min's bed and Ho-seok started to follow them but Ji-min's mother thank him again and touched him slightly and then pulled her hand away, Ho-seok felt like Ji-min's mother draw an invisible line between them a line he could never surmount. He steps back and falls to the floor, when he lifted his head, Ji-min's bed had left the emergency room and could no longer be seen. After that day, Ji-min didn't come back to school.[18]
BU - 28 Sep Year 2020

Ji-min hospitalized.

September 28: Ji-min, without hope of getting out of the hospital, lied for first time and said to the doctor he doesn't remember anything.[19][20][21]


February 25: Ho-seok was looking at himself through the mirror while he was dancing and remembered the first time he danced in 12 years, the thing he remembered the most was the applause and cheers, and the feeling of actually feeling like himself for the first time. He only looked for those memories when he was dancing because If he looked away from that he is tied to a lot of things; like always smiling even if he doesn't likes to, taking pills and fainting no matter the location.[22]

December 17: Nam-joon after a year since he left to a rural city without making any farewell, scaping of his family and the sacrifice of being there because of his poverty, he was back without any notice. The bus stopped, he started to think If they would be able to smile all together like before, then wrote in the window "You must survive."[23]


BU - Hoseok working

Ho-seok working.

March 2: Ho-seok started to work at a fast food chain since he became independent from the orphanage, he likes his job because gives him the opportunity to laugh, be cheerful and be happy. Sometimes there were hard days, but it was easier because of his friends but things aren’t the same now. Seok-jin, who transferred in, Nam-joon, who disappeared one day, Yoon-gi, who wouldn’t answer his calls anymore after getting expelled, Tae-hyung, whose whereabouts he wasn't sure of, and Ji-min, who never returned after he went to the emergency room. He saw Jung-kook in his school uniform through the window a few times, but he never frequented the store anymore.[24]

March 29: Tae-hyung was doing a graffiti on the wall at a gas station without apparent reason, but when he finish, he felt that was him. Then he was caught and hit by the owner making him fall on the ground. He coughed blood when he rose to his feet, and saw someone appear, it was Nam-joon, who picked up the spray and helped him to stand up properly.[25]

BU - 7 April Year 2022

Yoon-gi drunk.

April 7: Yoon-gi was drunk while he was following the piano sound, a song he knows, then almost was hit by a car. He listened to how the sound of a fist slammed down onto the piano keys and he ran towards the music store, someone was sitting there, it was Jung-kook. That marked the first time of them seeing each other since quitting high school.[26][27]
BU - 11 April Year 2022 (1st T)

Jung-kook on the roof.

April 11: In the morning, Seok-jin was driving when he spotted Jung-kook walking to school, he remembers the past momentarily then leaves. After school, Jung-kook goes to a rooftop and commits suicide by jumping, at the same time, Yoon-gi commits suicide by setting his motel room ablaze, meanwhile Seok-jin goes to the gas station and saw Nam-joon working there but doesn't say anything. After Seok-jin leaves the gas station, Nam-joon gets into a fight with a costumer. Because of his lack of intervention, Seok-jin learns that Nam-joon is in jail.[28][29]
BU - 22 May Year 2022 (1st T)

Tae-hyung defending his sister.

BU - May 22, 2022 (Webtoon)

Seok-jin and the "white cat".

May 22: Tae-hyung tries to defend his sister from the beating of their father, he takes a glass bottle and starts to stab his father with it until he murders him. Seok-jin finds out about Nam-joon being in jail, so he goes there. Nam-joon tells everything about why he is in jail, Jung-kook and Yoon-gi's deaths and Ho-seok's accident. After visiting hours, Seok-jin gets out of there and sees a crowd of reporters asking a boy about the murder of his father and he notices it's Tae-hyung. Seok-jin goes to the beach and wishes he can turn back the time, then a little white cat-like creature appears and tells him he can fix everything and save his friends, he thinks he is seeing things. Then Seok-jin turns back time with the wish of saving his friends from their fates and making them happy no matter the cost.[30][29]

2nd Timeline (1st Seok-jin's travel time)

All the events happened between July 23, 2010–April 10, 2022 are the same as 1st Timeline.


BU - 11 April Year 2022 (2nd Timeline)

Seok-jin with chest pains and hyperventilates.

April 11: Seok-jin wakes up without remembering he has turned back time. He goes to the gas station and sees Nam-joon, then leaves, thinking he should have said hi to him. Shortly after, something hits Seok-jin's car, causing him to brake and come to an immediate stop. He then looks up, horrified, to see Jung-kook's body has fallen onto his windshield, dead upon impact. His lifeless eyes staring directly at Seok-jin's; he begins to have chest pains and hyperventilates. Then Seok-jin turns back time.[31]

3rd Timeline (2nd Seok-jin's travel time)

All the events happened between July 23, 2010–April 10, 2022 are the same as 1st Timeline.


April 11: Seok-jin wakes up without remembering he has turned back in time again. In the morning, Seok-jin was driving when he saw Jung-kook walking to school and feels a pain in his chest. On the same night, Seok-jin goes to the gas station and saw Nam-joon working there. After Seok-jin leaves the gas station, he starts to feel like he is forgetting something, he stops his car and gets out of it. While walking, Jung-kook's body falls to the ground at his side. Then Seok-jin turns back time.[31]

4th Timeline (3rd Seok-jin's travel time)

All the events happened between July 23, 2010–April 10, 2022 are the same as 1st Timeline.


BU - 11 April Year 2022 (4th Timeline)

"It's been awhile."

BU - 11 April Year 2022 (4th Timeline) 2

Jung-kook bumped into some thugs.

April 11: Seok-jin, after remembering everything, goes to the gas station to find Nam-joon, but Nam-joon goes back to work. A customer comes and starts to insult him because Nam-joon hits the rearview mirror accidentally. Seok-jin gets into the fight and scares the costumer, then Nam-joon thanks him. Both of them search for Jung-kook but Seok-jin can't find him anywhere, while Nam-joon sees Jung-kook across the street and starts to follow him. Jung-kook did not hear Nam-joon yelling at him. Seok-jin goes to wrong roof in his search, while at the same time Jung-kook bumps into a pair of thugs and got a beating. After that Jung-kook goes to the roof and he walks on top of the railing, holding out both of his hands for balance. He nearly stumbles and loses his balance, while Nam-joon screams for him and Seok-jin grabs him to avoid him from falling. Jung-kook gets scolded by Seok-jin and Nam-joon, when he receives a call from Yoon-gi. All of them run to the hospital to search for Yoon-gi, they saw how the doctors were trying to reanimate Yoon-gi but they were too late. Then Seok-jin turns back the time.[32][33][34][35][36][37]

5th Timeline (4th Seok-jin's travel time)

All the events happened between July 23, 2010–April 10, 2022 are the same as 1st Timeline.


BU - 11 April Year 2022 (5th Timeline)

"In my dreams."

April 11: Seok-jin goes in his car, goes to gas station, and without saying anything, drags Nam-joon and goes to find Jung-kook. On the construction place, Seok-jin grabs Jung-kook before he can be beaten by the thugs, and leaves them both there to find Yoon-gi. Nam-joon asks Jung-kook about Yoon-gi but he is interrupted by a call of the police, while Seok-jin is in the bulding searching Yoon-gi. The call was from Tae-hyung who was in police custody. Nam-joon and Jung-kook goes to the police station to pick up him, and Nam-joon asks him if he keeps in touch with Yoon-gi. Yoon-gi replies he has seen him in his dreams. All listen as a police receives a call about a fire in a motel. Seok-jin was looking at the security camera of the building with a receptionist when he realizes there was already fire in one of the rooms on the building across the street. Then Seok-jin turns back the time.[37][38]

6th Timeline (5th Seok-jin's travel time)

All the events happened between July 23, 2010–April 10, 2022 are the same as 1st Timeline.


BU - 11 April Year 2022 (6th Timeline)

Nam-joon, Tae-hyung, Jung-kook and Seok-jin in the car.

April 11: Seok-jin stops Jung-kook while he was walking to school and asks him if he keeps in touch with Yoon-gi. Nam-joon interrupts them and Jung-kook says he saw him. Jung-kook gets in the car with Seok-jin, Nam-joon and Tae-hyung. Jung-kook indicates the place but Tae-hyung says that isn't the place he saw in his dreams. Seok-jin started to ask Tae-hyung how can he know the place, but they are suddenly hit by a semi-truck, causing a car crash and Nam-joon, Tae-hyung and Jung-kook's deaths. Then Seok-jin turns back the time.[38]

7th Timeline (6th Seok-jin's travel time)

All the events happened between July 23, 2010–April 10, 2022 are the same as 1st Timeline.


BU - 11 April Year 2022 (7th Timeline)

Seok-jin rescuing Yoon-gi of the fire.

April 11: Seok-jin draws on his wall on the events of what will happen in order as to not make the same mistakes nor take shortcuts. At a bar, Yoon-gi is drinking and gets a call from Jung-kook, asking where he is but Seok-jin interrupts him, demanding to know too. Yoon-gi doesn't answer and immediately hangs up after that. He continues to drink and ends up breaking a bottle. Yoon-gi goes to a Motel and start burning all the place, then he has a flashback when Jung-kook is hit by a teacher and he defends him and is expelled of school for that. Seok-jin is looking for Yoon-gi and saw the motel room burning, he runs and rescues Yoon-gi of the fire. Yoon-gi wakes up and tells Seok-jin, he should have let him die.[38][39]
BU - 11 May Year 2022 (7th Timeline)

Tae-hyung's dream with Ji-min.

May 11: Tae-hyung is doing graffiti on a wall when is seen by two police, he starts to run away, he hides on Nam-joon's place and asks him if he can stay there for the night. Tae-hyung dreams about himself drowing into water then saw Ji-min being sunk by someone, he tries to help him and notices the person is Ji-min himself. Tae-hyung wakes up and asks Nam-joon if he knows where Ji-min is. Meanwhile at the hospital, Ji-min is sit in his bed when a kid appears and say to him to be friends, they shake hands when the kid collapsed and Ji-min starts to yell for help, Ho-seok shows up and tells Ji-min it's ok because he is like the kid and is only sleeping. Ho-seok explains why is here and remember the last time when they saw each other two years ago, Ji-min replys he dosen't know how many time has been there. After that Ji-min tries to commit suicide drowning his head in the sink while is doing it he remembers his past and have the same "dream" as Tae-hyung then his stops himself. Simultaneously, Tae-hyung tells Nam-joon about his dreams about Yoon-gi and Ji-min's suicides, and they end up going to see Ho-seok. They learn that Ho-seok is at Hospital and then go there. Ho-seok at the Hospital listen how some doctors talks about Ji-min was forced by his parents being hospitalized and has an accident when he was little. Seok-jin is in the stairs at the Hospital and remember the night when saves Yoon-gi and asks himself what is doing here because dosen't matter the times he saves them, they will not be happy but he can't let anything happen to them and he just can't leave them alone. Seok-jin decides to go and ask where is Yoon-gi's room but he finds he was discharged last month. Nam-joon calls Ho-seok and tells him that he is at Hospital with Tae-hyung, Yoon-gi and Jung-kook, Ho-seok invites Ji-min but he says he doesn't want to go and don't tell the others about he is in there. Ho-seok reunits with the others and Tae-hyung asks Ho-seok about Ji-min but he didn't answer. Nam-joon goes first and run into Seok-jin and asks him if he’s here to see Ho-seok.[39][40]

May 12: Ho-seok is in the Hospital stairs thinking about what listen about Ji-min yesterday when sees a woman with his kid, he thinks is his mother and he run to reach her but he fell down the stairs. Meanwhile Seok-jin is at Hospital when bump into Ji-min, then they listen screams of the doctors to make way and Seok-jin sees is Ho-seok after his fall, desperate starts to scream his name. Then Seok-jin turns back the time.[40][41]

8th Timeline (7th Seok-jin's travel time)

All the events happened between July 23, 2010–April 10, 2022 are the same as 1st Timeline.


April 11: Seokjin wakes up deciding he won't give up, he makes a few post-it and puts his picture with all the boys at beach from June 12, 2019 in the rear-view mirror, then he goes to find Nam-joon in the gas station and Jung-kook in the construction site.[42]

BU - 11 May Year 2022 (8th Timeline)

Seok-jin's post-it.

May 10: Ho-seok colapses on the bridge but he is caught by Seok-jin before his fall, then a flashback shows how Ho-seok was colapsing in their secret base when was with all the boys but he wakes up right away and takes his medicine. Ho-seok wakes up in Seok-jin's car on their way to the Hospital but Ho-seok says to Seok-jin, he dosen't need it because they will tell him the same thing they always do and takes his medicine, Seok-jin asks him if he knows what cause his narcolepsy but he only makes a fake smile. Before get down of the car to go work, Ho-seok sees the post-it in the car with and ask Seok-jin what is all about but he didn't answer. After work, Ho-seok goes to sees Nam-joon and talks about how weird Seok-jin shows up in the right time and says strange things, and they think maybe Seok-jin is in trouble. Ho-seok leaves in a scooter, when he stopped, check if Seok-jin read his text then sees him in his car, he tries to chase him but is almost hit by a car.
BU - 11 May Year 2022 (8th Timeline) 2

Seok-jin, Ji-min, Ho-seok, Nam-joon and Tae-hyung trying to escape.

Meanwhile, Seok-jin is in his car searching Yoon-gi is seen by Ho-seok and he runs to catch him, then sees Seok-jin with Yoon-gi in his back. At the hospital Ho-seok remembers the post-it and asks Seok-jin if he knew Yoon-gi would be in the motel and what is this all about, Seok-jin answers he can't explain right now, then Ho-seok goes to the lobby but before he tells Seok-jin he won't leave without explanation and will wait for him. Ho-seok at the lobby sees someone who looks like Ji-min and chase him to the stairs but then realises is not him, then he slips but is caught by Ji-min. They go to the lobby to talk, Ji-min says he dosen't know how many time has been there and Ho-seok replies he knows how feels being frozen in time and remembers when his mother left him, then ask Ji-min if he want go out of there. Ho-seok calls Nam-joon and tells him something is happening. Seok-jin is looking Yoon-gi in his bed, when he decides to go and find Ji-min, in the stairs he finds him with Nam-joon, Ho-seok and Tae-hyung who are traying to get him out of there, Seok-jin tries to stop them because he dosen't know what will happend if Ji-min gets out of the Hospital and is afraid something worse could happend, Ho-seok, Nam-joon and Tae-hyung tell Seok-jin how Ji-min was being locked in the Hospital for two years without choice, Seok-jin asks Ji-min what he wants to do and he had a flashback of bad memories and tells everyone he wants to get out. They try to scape with Ji-min but they bump into Ji-min's mom. [42][43][44]


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