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Spoilers Spoiler Alert: This article contains details about 7FATES: CHAKHO. Do not proceed unless you wish to be spoiled.

Tiger Butterfly (호랑나비) is a team of Beom hunters who became the first team to have ever capture a beom since the surge of attacks.[1] Since then, the team grew into an organization that some dub the Tiger Butterfly Force. They are known to be the group with most beom captures, but is said that they only are successful due to either stealing other hunters' kills or using other hunters as decoys.[2]

A member of Tiger Butterfly is marked with a butterfly tattoo.[3] The logo is present sa well in their hunting uniforms, which have yellow-green accents in them.[4]

Currently, there are more than 500 hunters in Tiger Butterfly grouped into smaller teams.[5] The largest number of teams reached at ten but decreased to five after the incident at A Department Store.[6]


When beom started uprising, Yisal Group offered people 50 million won if they are able to capture a beom. The first one to do so was Seongjin and his team, who was also the first to show what a beom truly looked like.[1]

About three months later, Tiger Butterfly went from being just a team to a full organization, now being named "Tiger Butterfly Force." Dongcheol became the commander, and beom hunters are divided into teams each with their own leader.

Sometime thereafter, Tiger Butterfly becomes the first group to capture a mid-grade beom.[2]

As time went on, their reputation increased and would have been officially recognized by the government, but their reputation gets damaged due to the incident at the A Department Store, where witnesses testified them turning against beom hunters and leaving civilians to the dangers of the beom. Members started leaving, decreasing the number of teams from ten to five.[6]


According to Do-geon, the members of Tiger Butterfly are full of crazy people and criminals, which explains their violent nature.[2]


  • Dongcheol
  • Kyeongtae

Team 1[]

  • Seongjin
  • Lee Deok-ki
  • Mi Nami
  • Eo Rang
  • Ko Kidong

Skills and Abilities[]

Tools and Weapons[]

  • Guns
  • Rope
  • Bow and arrow