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This article focuses on the webtoon The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: I'm Fine.
For the song, see "I'm Fine".


Main visual.

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: I'm Fine (花樣年華 <I'M FINE>) is a series of eight visual novels of the BTS Universe and is being published between September 24, 2020 to December 2020 in the game BTS Universe Story.

Visual novels[]

List of the visual novels.

Title Episodes Released Purchase
Prologue 1. Starting Over Again
SeokJin despairs over his repeated failures. What is it that he must know to stop his friends' misfortunes?
September 24, 2020 Free
Synopsis: SeokJin attempts to change his thinking to save his friends.
SeokJin jumps headfirst into the loop to save his friends from misfortune but despairs at his repeated failures. He decides he must look into his friends' live to stop their unhappiness.
How to Offer a Hand 1. A Different View
NamJoon gets embroiled in an assault case dealing with a rude customer. SeokJin makes multiple attempts to help NamJoon but they all end in failure.

2. Isolated Room
SeokJin finds an important clue in the corner of NamJoon's small and shabby room.

3. Weight of Life
SeokJin learns something new about NamJoon and wants to help.

4. A Mistake
SeokJin finally stops NamJoon from fighting, but there's something about NamJoon's expression...

5. How to Bear Things
Uneasy, SeokJin looks for NamJoon only to find that there's been a minsunderstanding.

6. Misunderstanding
SeokJin helps NamJoon narrowly avoid danger... but the thankful moment is cut short.

7. Standing Alone
NamJoon's phone call confuses Seokjin. What has he done wrong this time?
September 24, 2020 Free
Synopsis: NamJoon gets provoked. Stop the fight at all costs.
NamJoon goes to prison after a fight with a rude customer. SeokJin wants to help any way he can after learning how NamJoon is struggling.
The Boy on the Threshold 1. Meeting
2. Places Where Boys Should Be
3. Memories of the Ocean
4. The Dividing Line
5. Everyone's Place
6. Uneasy Feelings
7. The Boy on the Threshold
September 24, 2020 200 Jewels
Synopsis: JungKook wanders the streets. Will SeokJin be able to coax JungKook into opening up?
SeokJin is desperate to solve the puzzle and stop JungKook from jumping off a building.
The End of His Gaze 1. Aftersensation
The tragedy that befalls YoonGi is hard to predict. SeokJin looks for a new clue to stay one step ahead.

2. Strange Memories
SeokJin returns to the classroom hideout in search of clues. He looks back on his memories, reexamining his past.

3. Misinterpreted Sincerity
SeokJin becomes lost in thought, drifting into his memories of YoonGi. YoonGi, meanwhile, plans for another tragedy...

4. Contemplating Memories
SeokJin surveils YoonGi to understand what he needs.

5. Within Familiar Limits
SeokJin reveals himself to YoonGi, chalking their meeting up to coincidence. YoonGi says something rather significant...

6. The End of His Gaze
SeokJin returns home to check the camcorder again. In the video, he sees another side to YoonGi that he never noticed before.

7. Reasons You're Not Alone
SeokJin visits YoonGi daily. Saving him seems so possible now...
September 24, 2020 200 Jewels
Synopsis: What does YoonGi need the most when he gives up on living?
SeokJin struggles because YoonGi has given up on living. What can make YoonGi want to survive?
Stopped Time 1. An Adult's World
2. Just Give Up
3. The World Outside the Window
4. Treasure Hunt
5. Persuasion
6. A Gentle Push
7. Stopped Time
October 29, 2020 200 Jewels
Synopsis: JiMin's been locked in the hospital for a long time.
JiMin's predicament shocks SeokJin. He attempts to persuade JiMin's family, but the situation is complicated.
TBA 7 December 2020 TBA
TBA 7 December 2020 TBA
TBA 8 December 2020 TBA


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