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I’m grateful for the award, but I enjoyed the concerts more, I wanted to share our music and who we are.

–Suga, 2017.05.28, Australia.

Min Yoon-gi (민윤기) known by his stage name Suga (슈가) or Agust D is a South Korean rapper-songwriter, composer and producer. He is the lead rapper of BTS, also he is notable for his large input in songwriting and is the major music producer between the members.

As a solo artist, he has released two mixtapes: Agust D in 2016 and D-2 in 2020. In 2018, Suga was promoted to full member of the Korea Music Copyright Association.


1993-2010: Early Life

Min Yoon-gi was born on March 9, 1993, in Daegu, South Korea, the younger of two sons.[7][8] he attended Taejeon Elementary School, Gwaneum Middle School, and Apgujeong High School. He became interested in rap after hearing "Reggae Muffin" by Stony Skunk, stating that it was different from anything he had ever heard before. After hearing Epik High, he decided to become a rapper.

By age 13, he began to write music lyrics and learned about MIDI. He worked a part-time job at a recording studio by age 17. From then on, he began composing and arranging music, rapping, and performing. Before being signed, he was active under the name Gloss as an underground rapper. As part of the hip hop crew D-Town in 2010, he produced "518-062", a song commemorating the Gwangju Uprising.

2013–present: BTS

Originally joining the company as a music producer, Suga trained under Big Hit Entertainment for three years alongside members J-Hope and RM. He made his debut as a member of BTS on Mnet's M Countdown with the track "No More Dream" from their debut single album 2 Cool 4 Skool. He has produced and written lyrics for a variety of tracks on all of BTS's albums.

In October 2018, he was awarded the fifth-class Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit by the President of South Korea along with the other members.

2016–present: Solo work

Suga shooting "Agust D" music video in 2016.

He released a free self-titled mixtape via SoundCloud on August 15, 2016.[9] He decided against releasing the project as a commercial studio album, describing it as the "feeling of being trapped in some sort of framework." On the record, he discussed matters such as his struggles with depression and social phobia.[10] Fuse TV rated it one of the top 20 mixtapes of 2016.[11]

In 2017, Suga composed the song "Wine" for singer Suran, whom he had previously worked with for a single on his mixtape. At Suga's studio, Suran heard a rough draft of "Wine" and asked Suga for the song. The record peaked at #2 on the Gaon Digital Chart and won best Soul/R&B track of the year at the Melon Music Awards on December 2, 2017. Suga also received the "Hot Trend Award" for his work on the track.[12]

Suga with his "Hot Trend Award".

Suga rereleased his mixtape for digital purchase and streaming in February 2018.[13] The reissue reached #3 on Billboard's World Albums Chart, #5 on the Heatseekers Albums chart, and #74 on the Top Album Sales chart. It also caused Suga's solo alias, Agust D, to reach #46 on the Emerging Artists chart for the week of March 3.

Suga provided a rap feature for the song "Song Request" by South Korean singer Lee So-ra, which released on January 22, 2019. The track was written by Suga and Tablo of Epik High, who also produced the track. The song debuted at number three on South Korea's Gaon Digital Chart and at number two on Billboard's World Digital Songs chart, with 3,000 downloads made in the United States during the song's two-day American charting week.[14] On February 27, 2019, it was announced that Suga produced a track for Epik High's Sleepless in extended play, titled "Eternal Sunshine".


The stage name Suga (슈가) is derived from the first syllables of the term shooting guard (슈팅 가드), the position he played in basketball as a student. It was suggested to him because he was pale and looked like he would be very sweet, like sugar. He adopted the alias Agust D in 2016 for his mixtape, which is derived from the initials DT, short for his birthplace, Daegu Town, and "Suga" spelled backward.


Suga performing "FAKE LOVE" in 2018.

Suga is responsible for writing, composing, arranging, mixing, and mastering his material. Over 70 registered songs are credited to him by the Korea Music Copyright Association. He is a pianist, and produces hiphop and R&B music.[15] His lyrics involve themes that are "full of dreams and hope," conceived with the intent of his music becoming "many people's strength." He cites Stony Skunk and Epik High as his inspirations to pursue hiph op music. Particularly, he credits the former's reggae-hiph op hybrid album Ragga Muffin (2005) and its title track for igniting his interest in the genre

Jeff Benjamin of Fuse said that Suga's mixtape "showcases the star's ear for hot productions, hardcore rap style, and how he can make his vulnerabilities a strength."Other critics stated that Suga's "storytelling execution in the music he creates tears down the barrier of censoring and sugarcoating".[16]

In January 2018, Suga was promoted to become a full member of the Korea Music Copyright Association.

Personal life

As of 2019, he currently lives in Hannam-dong, Seoul, South Korea. In 2018, he purchased a US$3 million luxury apartment located in South Korea but continues to live in Hannam-dong.

Personal beliefs and philanthropy

In 2014, he made a promise to buy his fans meat should he find success as a musical artist. Four years later, on his 25th birthday, he donated beef to 39 orphanages as "ARMY", the name of BTS' fanbase.[17] For his 26th birthday, he donated KR ₩100,000,000 or US $88,000, to the Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation alongside 329 BT21 Shooky dolls.[18]

Suga has spoken openly about mental health and equality for the LGBTQ+ community.[19]

Impact and influence

In a survey conducted by Gallup Korea, Suga was ranked the 13th most preferred idol of the year for 2017. In the 2018 survey, he ranked as the 7th most preferred idol of the year. Zuho of the boy group SF9 stated that Suga was his role model.[20]


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2018 Burn The Stage: The Movie Himself Screening in select Theatres
2019 BTS World Tour: Love Yourself in Seoul
Bring The Soul: The Movie
2020 Burn The Stage: The Movie

Music shows

2014 Music Bank KBS2 Special host (Ep.741)

Music videos, comeback trailers and short films

2012 MV "I'm Da One" Extra Pre-debut, Jo Kwon's music video
2016 MV "Agust D" Himself Music video for debut mixtape
MV "Give It to Me"
SF "First Love" Min Yoon-gi Wings short film #4, BU content certified
by Big Hit Entertainment
2020 CT "Interlude: Shadow" Himself Map of the Soul: 7 comeback trailer
MV "Daechwita"


◯ = Participates as writing/composer/producer, ✖ = Not participated as writing/composer/producer

BTS Discography

Album Song Writing Composer Producer Ref.
No More Dream "We Are Bulletproof Pt.2" [21]
"No More Dream" [22]
"Like" [23]
"Outro: Circle Room Cypher" [24]
O!RUL8,2? "N.O" [25]
"We On" [26]
"If I Ruled the World" [27]
"Coffee" [28]
"BTS Cypher, Pt. 1" [29]
"Attack on Bangtan" [30]
"Satoori Rap" [31]
Skool Luv Affair "Intro: Skool Luv Affair" [32]
"Boy In Luv" [33]
"Where You From" [34]
"Just One Day" [35]
"Tomorrow" [36]
"BTS Cypher, Pt. 2: Triptych" [37]
"Spine Breaker" [38]
"Jump" [39]
Skool Luv Affair Special Addition "Miss Right" [40]
"Like (Slow Jam Remix)" [41]
Dark & Wild "Danger" [42]
"War of Hormone" [43]
"Hip Hop Phile" [44]
"Let Me Know" [45]
"Rain" [46]
"BTS Cypher Pt.3: Killer" [47]
"Can You Turn Off Your Phone?" [48]
"Embarrassed" [49]
"24/7 = Heaven" [50]
"Look Here" [51]
"2nd Grade" [52]
No More Dream
(Japanese Single)
"No More Dream
(Japanese Ver.)
Boy In Luv (Japanese Single) "Boy In Luv (Japanese Ver.)" [54]
"N.O (Japanese Ver.)" [55]
Single "Danger (Mo-Blue-Mix)
(Feat. Thanh)
The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1 "Intro: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life" [57]
"I Need U" [58]
"Hold Me Tight" [59]
"Dope" [60]
"Boyz with Fun" [61]
"Converse High" [62]
"Moving On" [63]
The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2 "Intro: Never Mind" [64]
"Run" [65]
"Butterfly" [66]
"Whalien 52" [67]
"Ma City" [68]
"Autumn Leaves" [69]
The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever "Fire" [70]
"Save Me" [71]
"Epilogue: Young Forever" [72]
"Love Is Not Over
(Full Length Edition)
"I Need U (Urban Mix)" [74]
"I Need U (Remix)" [75]
"Run (Ballad Mix)" [76]
"Run (Alternative Mix)" [77]
"Butterfly (Alternative Mix)" [78]
Wings "Blood Sweat & Tears" [79]
"First Love" [80]
"BTS Cypher 4" [81]
"2! 3!" [82]
"Interlude: Wings" [83]
Unofficial song "Otsukaresama Song" [84]
You Never Walk Alone "Spring Day" [85]
"Outro: Wings" [86]
"A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone" [87]
Love Yourself: Her "DNA" [88]
"Best of Me" [89]
"Pied Piper" [90]
"Outro: Her" [91]
"Sea" [92]
Love Yourself: Tear "134340" [93]
"Paradise" [94]
"Love Maze" [95]
"Magic Shop" [96]
"Airplane pt.2" [97]
"Anpanman" [98]
"So What" [99]
"Outro: Tear" [100]
Unofficial song "DDaeng" [101]
Love Yourself: Answer "Trivia 轉: Seesaw" [102]
"I'm Fine" [103]
"Answer: Love Myself" [104]
"DNA (Pedal 2 LA Mix)" [105]
Map of the Soul: Persona "Boy With Luv (feat. Halsey)" [106]
"Mikrokosmos" [107]
"Make It Right" [108]
"HOME" [109]
"Dionysus" [110]
BTS World: Original Soundtrack "All Night" [111]
Single "Make It Right (feat. Lauv)" [112]
"Make It Right (feat. Lauv) (EDM Remix)" [113]
"Make It Right (feat. Lauv) (Acoustic Remix)" [114]
Map of the Soul: 7 "Interlude: Shadow" [115]
"Louder than bombs" [116]
"ON" [117]
"UGH!" [118]
"Respect" [119]
"We are Bulletproof: the Eternal" [120]
"ON (feat. Sia)" [121]
Map of the Soul: 7 ~The Journey~ "Boy With Luv (Japanese Ver.)" [122]
"Make It Right (Japanese Ver.)" [123]
"Dionysus (Japanese Ver.)" [124]
"Airplane Pt.2 (Japanese Ver.)" [125]
"ON (Japanese Ver.)" [126]
Unofficial song "In the SOOP" [127]
Single "Savage Love (Laxed - Siren Beat) (BTS Remix)" [128]

Discography as a soloist

Album Song Writing Composer Producer Ref.
Agust D "Intro: Dt sugA (Feat. DJ Friz)" [129]
"Agust D" [130]
"Give It to Me" [131]
"Skit" [132]
"724148" [133]
"140503 at Dawn" [134]
"The Last" [135]
"Tony Montana" (feat. Yankie) [136]
"Interlude: Dream, Reality" [137]
"So Far Away" (feat. Suran) [138]
Single "Song Request" (with Lee Sora) [139]
"SUGA's Interlude" (with Halsey) [140]
"Eight" (with IU) [141]
D-2 "Moonlight" [142]
"Daechwita" [143]
"What do you think?" [144]
"Strange (feat. RM)" [145]
"28" (feat. NiiHWA) [146]
"Burn It" (feat. MAX) [147]
"People" [148]
"Honsool" [149]
"Interlude: Set me free" [150]
"Dear my friend" (feat. Kim Jong Wan of NELL) [151]

Other songs

Album Song Artist Writing Composer Producer Ref.
Walkin' "Wine (Feat. Changmo) (Prod. Suga)" Suran [152]
Sleepless in __________ "Eternal Sunshine" Epik High [153]
Single "We don't talk together (Feat. Giriboy) (Prod. Suga)" Heize [154]

Awards and nominations

2017 Melon Music Awards Hot Trend Award "Wine" (with Suran) Won
2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Collaboration "Song Request"
(with Lee So-ra)
"We don't talk together"
(with Heize and Giriboy)


  • He is the second oldest as well as the second shortest in the group.
  • He is 27 years old in the US age and 28 years old in the Korean age.
  • His zodiac sign is Pisces.
  • His favorite food is meat and Korean dishes. [155]
  • His favorite color is black. [156]
  • His favorite number is 3.
  • He has listed Tazza and Inception as his favorite movies. [157][158]
  • He wanted to be a Firefighter, a Basketball Player and a Musician when he was younger.
  • He used to be terrible with English. (He can read, write and understand it very well. However, he gets shy while speaking it.)
  • When he was in school, he won basketball games quite a few times and when he was a trainee, he played basketball every Sunday.
  • He chose his stage name because he used to be a shooting guard when he played basketball (shoo • gua).
  • “Suga,” also the deviation of the word "sugar," by his CEO because he is pale and his smile is sweet.“I got the name Suga because my skin is pale, I’m pretty when I smile, and because I’m sweet. I chose this name because I want to promote sweetly.” - Suga [159]
  • He's most stressed usually from midnight to 6AM and he doesn’t dislike it.
  • He doesn’t really like places with lots of people or noise.
  • The BTS members said if Suga wasn't human he'd be: a turtle (Jungkook), a Lion trainer (Jimin), Baseball player’s 3rd batter/hitter (V) , Candy (J-Hope), and a Rock (Jin).
  • His role models are Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Lil Wayne, and Hit Boy.
  • He can play the piano.
  • He has a male dog named Min Holly.
  • If he would choose who Min Holly should date, he would choose RM's dog, Rap Mon.
  • In Run BTS Episode 11, he played as Yoonji, a female transfer student.
  • His parents used to own a restaurant.
  • He is a really good cook.
  • He has slept for about 20 hours before.
  • At the 2017 Melon Music Awards, he won the Hot Trend Award along with Suran for "Wine".
  • He is good friends with several idols, such as Kihyun from Monsta X, Heechul from Super Junior, and even Tablo from [Epik High].
  • He has mentioned that he would like to become someone who spots out young talent and guides said talent in the Love Yourself Tour in Seoul DVD. Multiple rookies have mentioned that he has reached out to them or sent them flowers and support.
  • RM stated in Run BTS that Suga recently started to learn Judo.
  • He likes the character Kumamon, and the reason why he likes it is because he thinks Kumamon looks stupid.
  • The first album that he bought with his own money was an Eminem album.
  • He was considered a grandma by Jimin.
  • He is dubbed a 'Tsundere' by many fans.
  • His producing studio is called 'Genius Lab'.
  • Has a total of 5 ear piercings. (2 on the right, and 3 on the left)
  • His favorite type of weather is where one can wear short sleeves at day and long sleeves at night.
  • He is seen sleeping a lot due to long late hours working in his studio.
  • He wants to be reincarnated as a rock in his next life. [160]
  • He has been open about depression and social anxiety in his lyrics, interviews, and in the Burn the Stage documentary series. He hopes that speaking about this will help remove some of the stigma and normalize it. [161]
  • He has had choose between food and transportation costs as he often did not have enough money to afford both. Sometimes, when he wrote songs and sold them, he did not get paid.
  • 3 things he likes: sleeping, quiet places, and places with no people.
  • 3 things he dislikes: dancing, loud places, and crowded places.
  • His hobbies are lying down, playing basketball and games, reading comics, and taking pictures.
  • He has a driving license.
  • He wanted a tattoo at one point. However, he changed his mind due to wanting to do charity work in the future. [162]
  • He is bad at Japanese. However, he's been studying it quite frequently and has gotten exceedingly better at it.
  • His personality is quite straightforward.
  • When he was younger, he wanted to become an architect.
  • His motto: “Let’s live while having fun. Doing music as your hobby and doing it as work is different.
  • He writes and composes songs daily. He writes even when he is in the waiting room, the car, or on the toilet.
  • He wrote the song ‘좋아요’ (I Like It) in under 30 minutes.
  • When he has a problem, he talks to RM because their age gap is small and they have things in common.
  • He comes from a poor family. In an interview, he disclosed:“After we debuted, I went back to the dorm and sat there staring blankly. I could not believe it, a kid from a poor Daegu family, would be able to make it.” [163]
  • His favorite drink is Iced Americano.
  • For him, his charm is his eye smile. He is also proud of his legs as he says that they look feminine.
  • When asked what he would steal from the other members, he said he would steal one thing that you can’t buy with money: Jungkook’s age.
  • All the members of BTS chose Suga as the sweetest member at Fandom School Interview.
  • He nearly quit being in BTS in the early days, when the group had no debut date scheduled.
  • He has the highest alcohol tolerance among the members. He can hold his liquor pretty well.
  • His BT21 character is a magic cookie named Shooky. He's the smallest of the BT21 characters.
  • Of all the hair colors he's tried so far, Suga's favorite hair color is black because it's his natural hair color, though he did state he liked some of the lighter colors.
  • Suga and Jimin are the same height (5' 9"). However, Suga is considered taller than Jimin due to a, barely, 1 cm difference.
  • His solo artist name 'Agust D' is 'Suga' spelled backwards and 'DT' or 'D-Town' stands for Daegu Town.
  • When asked which member he would bring on a deserted island for 3 years, he chose Jimin. “Jimin. To boss around. Just kidding. I don’t talk a lot, I’m not the fun type, but Jimin is pleasant and mature, so I think it’d work out.” - Suga
  • He got into an accident while making deliveries on his bike when he was a trainee. A car hit him at an intersection and his shoulder went under. He revealed he hid his injury from the company out of fear and anxiety that they would let him go as he was working part time to earn money to pay for college while being a trainee and was injured. He told the rest of the members he merely hurt his shoulder by falling down the stairs. He eventually told the company who offered to help him pay for his tuition. This incident is mentioned in his track The Last, from his mixtape. (Burn The Stage EP.3) [164]
  • Among the group members, Jimin's voice is Suga's favorite. (Burn the Stage EP.6)
  • He likes to spend his time with J-Hope the most, because he is cheerful and brightens up Suga's mood very quickly.
  • If he would date, he wouldn't have an ideal type regarding looks, but his partner has to share his passion for music. '"I focus on personality and atmosphere. I don’t have an ideal type." [165]
  • He is very introverted and likes to be to himself most of the time. However, when around the other members, he's a lot more outgoing.
  • His Spotify playlist is called: SUGA’s Hip-Hop Replay
  • He thought he was going to grow to 180 cm, but he stayed the same height from middle school till now. (Ask Us Anything ep. 94)
  • On a Vlog from 2013 he said he would want to become a DJ on a radio show.
  • Would date Jin if he were a girl.
  • Habits : Biting his nails. (Profile written by Suga)
  • Suga's real name, Yoongi, when translated actually means 'Gloss' or 'Shine' in Korean.



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