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Sope (S/UGA and j-h/ope) is the friendship pairing between SUGA and j-hope.


j-hope seems to bring out SUGA's more cheerful side, whilst SUGA can calm j-hope's crazy energy down, they are very well balanced. They do live streams on V Live, which are known as Hwagae Market.



  • Both are in the Rap Line and Hyung Line.
  • Both attended Global Cyber University.
  • Both are the youngest in their families.


  • SUGA was born in 1993, whilst j-hope was born in 1994.
  • SUGA has an older brother, but j-hope has an older sister.
  • SUGA was born in Daegu, South Korea, whilst j-hope was born in Gwangju, South Korea.'
  • j-hope is in the Dance Line, but SUGA is not.
  • Suga is the introvert (the shyest and quietest) while J-Hope is extroverted (the boldest and loudest).


  • They covered "I Was Able To Eat Well", by the duo Homme during HAPPY BTS DAY PARTY.
  • During BTS: Bon Voyage Season 2, j-hope wrote a letter to SUGA.
  • SUGA came up with the name Sope.
  • They sang "Otsukaresama Song" together.
  • According to SUGA's Best Friends Note, Sope-Me's debut is a promise without a promise.
  • According to j-hope's Best Friends Notes, "Otsukaresama Song" is still a secret.
  • During the 5th ARMY ZIP, j-hope said to SUGA, "Sope forever."



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BTS Jin SUGA j-hope RM Jimin V Jung Kook
Jin 🐹 Yoonjin 2Seok Namjin Jinmin Taejin Jinkook
SUGA Yoonjin 🐱 Sope Namgi Yoonmin Taegi Yoonkook
j-hope 2Seok Sope 🐿️ Namseok Jihope Vhope Hopekook
RM Namjin Namgi Namseok 🐨 Minjoon Vmon Namkook
Jimin Jinmin Yoonmin Jihope Minjoon 🐥 Vmin Jikook
V Taejin Taegi Vhope Vmon Vmin 🐻 Taekook
Jung Kook Jinkook Yoonkook Hopekook Namkook Jikook Taekook 🐰
Name Number of Members Members
Moon Line 3 RM, Jin, SUGA
Nam2Seok RM, Jin, j-hope
Namjinmin RM, Jin, Jimin
Kim Line RM, Jin, V
Namjinkook RM, Jin, Jung Kook
Rap Line RM, SUGA, j-hope
Yoonminjoon RM, SUGA, Jimin
NamTaegi RM, SUGA, V
Namgikook RM, SUGA, Jung Kook
Minjoonseok RM, j-hope, Jimin
N/A RM, j-hope, V
RM, j-hope, Jung Kook
RM, Jimin, V
RM, Jimin, Jung Kook
RM, V, Jung Kook
Jin, SUGA, j-hope
Jin, SUGA, Jimin
Jin, SUGA, V
Jin, SUGA, Jung Kook
Jin, j-hope, Jimin
Jin, j-hope, V
Janjankook Jin, j-hope, Jung Kook
N/A Jin, Jimin, V
Jijinjung Jin, Jimin, Jung Kook
N/A Jin, V, Jung Kook
SUGA, j-hope, Jimin
SUGA, j-hope, V
SUGA, j-hope, Jung Kook
SUGA, Jimin, V
Yoonminkook SUGA, Jimin, Jung Kook
SUGA, V, Jung Kook
Sunshine Line j-hope, Jimin, V
3J j-hope, Jimin, Jung Kook
Vminkook Jimin, V, Jung Kook