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Songju Station is a fictional location from Songju City.


Ho-seok calls Ji-min to leave the lodge. Ji-min takes a look at the mess they had left behind and starts walking outside. As he walks, Ji-min realizes that the beach was the same one they had visited when in school. He calls out to Jung-kook to share his discovery but Jung-kook was already sprinting ahead. He thinks that Jung-kook has grown up from the boy who used to lag behind and look up to others. He reaches the intersection left will take him to the train station and right towards his house. Ji-min realizes he has to confront his parents someday and own up to his lies and fears. He sees Yoon-gi exit for the left and turns right. Ho-seok calls for him, but Ji-min tells him that he is going home now.

–花樣年華 THE NOTES 1
Ho-seok, 22 May Year 22


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Location mention[]

Year 19

BU - 12 June Year 19

Everyone walking through the train station.

June 12: Everyone skips class and Nam-joon proposes that they go to the sea and since they don't have money, they decide to walk. They walk through the train station to get there faster. They pass a sign that says "Grass Flower Arboretum, 2.1 km." Ji-min stops and Yoon-gi notices his strange expression, but Ji-min walked on again.[1][2][3] They eventually reach the beach and play around. Ho-seok suggests visiting a rock that supposedly grants your dreams if you stand on it and shout your dreams to the ocean.

BU - 12 June Year 19 (2)

Photo in the beach.

The rock is 3.5km away, and while others don't want to walk that far, Tae-hyung insists. Jung-kook recalls asking the others about dreams, and asks them what exactly does one mean by a dream. They eventually get there, but found out construction that must've obliterated the rock. While they were a bit disappointed, a drilling sound comes and everything's inaudible. Everyone starts shouting out dreams and stops once the drilling ended. They take a photo together and mark the date.[4]

Year 22

February 25: Ho-seok graduates from highschool and moves out of the orphanage due to being too old to still stay there. There, he moves to a rooftop room that had a view of Songju. He finally has a place where he could be himself. He yells out, "Let's do well!" as he moves his things to his new home.[5]

June 15: Nam-joon talks about a boy named Song Woo-chang who he had first met two months ago. He had always seen him play around but noted how he always wore the same clothes. Eventually, as he leaves the gas station today, he sees Woo-chang again. He plans to ignore him and eat some ramyeon and sleep. However, he knows he only has one pack of ramyeon left and he wasn't in the mood to stock more. In the end, he walks to Woo-chang and offers him his last ramyeon.[6]

August 3: Seok-jin is looking through photos on the floor when suddenly they felt like moving. Jung-kook looks towards him. Seok-jin notes how all the memories suddenly flooded in him, hearing everyone's laughter and seeing everyone have fun through the photos. He wonders how he had forgotten all those memories when he finds something shimmering in his pocket.[7] Later on, Jung-kook is playing a shooting game. The game's map reminds him of the container town in Songju station. He changes his weapon to a machine gun when he spots someone wearing a black bandana. Suddenly, he starts to laugh when he notices how his enemies looked like his friends. Someone hits his character on the shoulder. When he looks back, he sees someone that looks like Seok-jin. Jung-kook's rage beings to boil all over.[8]


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