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Songju Police Station is a fictional location from Songju City, where Kim Nam-joon and Kim Tae-hyung were temporarily arrested.




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Physical location[]

Year 22

May 20: Ho-seok fetches Tae-hyung from the police station. On their way to Tae-hyung's house, Ho-seok wonders why his house was so close to the police station. Ho-seok asks Tae-hyung if he was hungry, but Tae-hyung declines. Ho-seok thinks about how much suffering Tae-hyung must be going through. He recalls how he saw Tae-hyung's bruises back when he was at Nam-joon’s container[1] but didn't press on it. Ho-seok knows that in regards to problems with family, he probably has more wounds as he couldn't even recall his father and his mother left him at age 7. He knows how people say that they have to overcome their pains, but finds himself wondering why they had to go through them in the first place. They eventually arrive at Tae-hyung's place, and Tae-hyung tells Ho-seok that he can go alone. Ho-seok continues to walk with him but Tae-hyung tells him that he's fine as Ho-seok thinks there was no way Tae-hyung could be fine. Eventually, he retreats back, noting that both of their paths are narrow and they are both alone. Suddenly, Ho-seok's phone rings, leading him to look back to Tae-hyung's direction.[2] Tae-hyung attacks his father but is stopped by Ho-seok before he could hit him. Tae-hyung ends up injuring himself and his father leaves the room. Tae-hyung collapses but is caught by Ho-seok. He thinks about all the pent up rage against his father, but knows that in the end, the only one he wanted to kill was not his father but himself. Tae-hyung tells Ho-seok to go away who obliges. He ends himself looking at Nam-joon's phone number, wanting to tell him how he had killed his abusive father so many times in his head and now he had almost done it in reality. He feels lost and just wants to see Nam-joon.[3]

Year 22

April 28: Nam-joon talks about knowing something has been going on with Tae-hyung. He knows about the wounds in Tae-hyung's body and of his nightmares, yet Tae-hyung would act as if nothing was wrong. Nam-joon never asks Tae-hyung or tells him to let it out. It was because he wants Tae-hyung to tell it himself, but also because he feels like he isn't worthy to unload the burden for him. Nam-joon knows for himself that he's not a true adult nor older brother figure despite their praises. Tae-hyung wakes up from Nam-joon shaking him. He stares blankly as he lets himself cry. Eventually, Tae-hyung tells Nam-joon of his nightmare of Yoon-gi's death, Jung-kook's accident, and Nam-joon's fight. Tae-hyung tells Nam-joon to not go anywhere.[4]


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