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Trigger Warning: This article or section has mature content, such as:
Depressive Themes, Violence, Suicide, and Alcoholism, view at your own risk.
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Songju Jeil School Complex is a fictional location from Songju City, which includes Songju Jeil Middle School, Songju Jeil Middle School and the Storeage Classroom.[1]


Ho-seok leaves the room, unable to see Jung-kook trying to put up a brave front. He recalls how he had been wondering about why Jung-kook did not visit Two Star Burger recently, so he had asked his classmates. The classmates had told him that he had gotten into an accident around 20 days ago. Shocked, Ho-seok had opened their GC only to find there had been no message since the beach visit. He informed the group that Jung-kook had gotten into an accident. Inside the room, Ji-min and Jung-kook are talking.

Ji-min tells Jung-kook that he has enrolled in a dance crew. Ho-seok checks the message he had sent, 4 people had still not read it. Annoyed, Ho-seok wonders if they were only fair-weather friends. He recalls how Jung-kook had only been in his third year of middle school when they had all gone their separate ways. He had such a forlorn look on his face on the day Ho-seok had come to clean up their things from the classroom. Tae-hyung calls, asking for Jung-kook. Hoseok tries to angrily scold him for not reading the message earlier, he hears Taehyung’s voice as if he was holding back tears.

–花樣年華 THE NOTES 1
Ho-seok, 13 June Year 22


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Physical location

Year 18

December 10: Ji-min and his mother go to Songju Jeil Middle School, the new school he's been transferred to. Upon seeing the chin-up bars, he recalls a time when he'd played on the swings and had tried to get up as high as possible.[2]

Year 19

March 2: Seok-jin is transferred to the high school and is informed that he will have to repeat a year due to the change in the education system.[3][4]

March 15: Yoon-gi enjoys his lunch at school with all the boys and starts to compare how his lunches with his father were where he can't even talk.[5]

May 28: Jung-kook asks his hyungs what their dreams are because he has to do an investigation about it, to which Seok-jin responds, "Maybe, being a good person", while Yoon-gi tells him he didn't need to have something like a dream, causing everyone to laugh. Tae-hyung says that he wants to be a superhero and save the world from the bad guys, and Ho-seok responds that after finding his mother, he wants to live happily. When he asked Ji-min what his dream is, he replies he doesn't know who he wants to be. Nam-joon answers that he has no dreams, that he only wants his salary to increase in his part-time job at the gas station, and these answers leave Jung-kook at a loss of what to write.[6]

June 25: Seok-jin finds a flower pot, which was Ho-seok's, at their secret hideout. He notices that the windows and walls are covered by graffiti, which included names of past students. He then searches for his father's name, knowing that he had gone to the same school. He finds the name and below it was written, "It all started from here".[7][8]

Year 20

March 20: Tae-hyung sees Nam-joon standing in front of their secret hideout, and before he plans to surprise Nam-joon he notices Seok-jin inside talking to the principal on the phone. He hears about his and Yoon-gi's names talking about how they skipped class, went over the wall, and got into a fight. Seok-jin feels their presence and is about to make an excuse before Nam-joon tells him it's okay and that there must've been a good reason. Ho-seok and Ji-min arrive at the scene and everyone pretends like nothing happened. Tae-hyung trusts Nam-joon's intuition that it's okay and keeps silent.[9][10]

May 15: On his last day going to school, Nam-joon is in the secret hideout, thinking about his move in two weeks. He tries to think of what to write to the others and ends up writing "You must survive" on a piece of paper with random lead around it. He crumples it and instead writes "See you again," on the window he blows on. He notes that it was a wish, rather than a promise.[11][12]

BU - 25 June Year 20

Yoon-gi's expulsion notice.

June 25: Yoon-gi gets expelled from school.[13][14] He gets home and recalls the time he picked up a half-burnt piano key at their old house after the funeral. He notes that ever since his mother died, his father got stricter and it got more silent in the house. They weren't allowed to make noise past 10 in the evening which was when his father was asleep. Yoon-gi realizes that he doesn't have the courage to run away. He throws the piano key out the window, declaring that he will give up on playing the piano.[15][16]

July 17: Summer vacation begins, and Seok-jin is eager to leave. However, he is stopped by Ho-seok and Ji-min. Ho-seok asks if he was going home already to which Seok-jin just turns around. He recalls Yoon-gi's expulsion, where he feels guilty about since he didn't know they would be there at the time. Ho-seok notices Seok-jin's expression and decides not to press further, wishing Seok-jin a good vacation and reminding him to keep in touch. Seok-jin blames himself for ruining the moments they shared together, and decides to not chase for his happiness and live like how his father wanted him to.[17][18]

September 30: Jung-kook gets hit and scolded by the teacher for going to the storage classroom and hanging out with the others. He notes how he always went there every day, even if few or even no one came at all. When he goes there this time, however, he sees Ho-seok packing the things up. He realises this will be the last time he'll go there.[19][20]

Year 22

June 8: Yoon-gi is trying a tight and red T-shirt with the words “DREAM” on and off. It isn't his type, and out of frustration grabs a cigarette. However, he realises that his lighter was taken away by someone and in exchange gave him a lollipop and the T-shirt. He receives a text message from someone and suddenly his "surroundings went white and [his] heart leaped out of [his] chest." Yoon-gi snaps his cigarette in half. The Yoon-gi in the mirror starts to laugh, wearing the T-shirt.[21]

July 23: Tae-hyung, Nam-joon, Ji-min, and Yoon-gi go back to their secret hideout. Ji-min sits while leaning on the wall, Yoon-gi sits on the piano bench, and Nam-joon writes something on the window with his finger. Nam-joon gets reminded of their school days, to which Yoon-gi brushes it off. Nam-joon wonders why they were born into the world in its current state. Just then, Ji-min finds Seok-jin's father's name. He also points out another name whom he knew at the mental hospital. Yoon-gi points out the name Choi Gyu-ho, a person who went missing. Below the names, Nam-joon finds the phrase, "Everything started here."[22]

August 3: Seok-jin is at their old secret hideout with the others. He suddenly flashes back to the events that happened in school and wanting to leave. However, Tae-hyung doesn't let him and keeps on asking him to remember. He thinks about how the memory Tae-hyung wants him to remember is meaningless, and how he thinks memories are ones that take root deep inside a person. With this thought, all his memories of the hideout are bad ones. Tae-hyung and Seok-jin end up in a fight when Seok-jin stumbles and falls. As he falls, he knocks down what was thought to be a wall to reveal an extended version of the classroom with a lone cabinet in the center. Nam-joon opens the cabinet and picks up the notebook inside. When he opens the first page, Seok-jin finds the name of his father. He snatches the notebook from Nam-joon and begins to read what's inside. Inside the notebook are accounts of his father's time in high school with his friends. Some of the pages are covered by what seems to be bloodstains. Seok-jin finds that his father experienced the same mistakes he had. The notebook also counts his father's failures, and that he had given up and betrayed his friends. It turns night as everyone else falls asleep. Seok-jin notices faint letters over the smeared black ink pages. He realises the notebook held more memories than what was merely written. That the ones that are hidden or blank are the ones his father decided to forget. That the notebook contains Seok-jin's father's map of his bent soul. Seok-jin begins to cry as he closes the notebook. He looks back to his friends and thinks that they were meant to come back to their hideout. He realises that he had to come here to understand all his mistakes and suffering, and that he is able to the the first step in finding the map of his soul.[23]

Meaningful location mention

Year 21

BU - 9 August Year 21

Seok-jin's beach gallery.

August 9: Seok-jin takes a photo of a beach in Los Angeles. He talks about how living with his mother's family house felt neither strange nor familiar to him, and that he just hid his emotions. He notes that ever since he went to LA, he has never taken a photo of people. He'd only take photos of the ocean, which was different every time in terms of the weather, light, and his heart. He didn't bring the photos he took during high school, saying that the Seok-jin in highschool is different from the current Seok-jin because the Seok-jin before didn't hide his feelings. He explains that he didn't bring the photos because he was afraid to miss what they had back then and ponder how everyone is doing. So, he kept the photos in a box.[24]

Year 22

April 11: Tae-hyung has a dream of Seok-jin for the first time after seeing him since Year 20. He recreates Seok-jin's face with black spraypaint, but stops as he is about to draw the pupils. He realises he doesn't know how he could do the pupils because the ones he saw in his dreams were cold, an expression Tae-hyung had never seen in Seok-jin's face until that dream. Tae-hyung recalls how Seok-jin watched terrible events with the expressionless face, knowing that it wasn't the Seok-jin he knew. He doesn't know why he had such a dream. As he ponders, the police comes after him.[25]

July 18: Nam-joon and Tae-hyung have been looking around the rooftop of buildings in Songju for the last two week. Their only hint comes from Tae-hyung's dream of a can of coffee and a four-leaf clover. Nam-joon notes how it has been raining for a few days, and that eventually, they gave up on bringing umbrellas. Nam-joon looks up to the building, which contained the offices of one Kim Chang-joon. Tae-hyung asks who he is, which baffles Nam-joon because it was one of the cases where Tae-hyung didn't seem to know the obvious. Nam-joon tells Tae-hyung that Kim Chang-joon is Seok-jin's father.[26] Meanwhile, Ji-min is walking around the convenience store near the neighborhood of their old school. He comes across a graffiti that he recognizes as something done by Tae-hyung. It's a graffiti of a person that showed no particular emotion.[27] Ji-min immediately recognizes it to be Seok-jin. However, as he thinks of Seok-jin, someone else's face comes to his mind that ends up looking identical as well to the graffiti due to their soulless eyes. Suddenly, Ji-min realises who he has to find.[28]

July 20: Nam-joon brushes through magazines in the library. He notices that the girl doesn't seem to come by anymore as different people come by at where the girl would've sat on. He's not particularly reading and ponders what even was he doing. Eventually the days of highschool comes back to him, and he wonders if he has ever grown. And such from that point Nam-joon decides to start over and go back to studying, something that he had given up, once again.[29]

July 26: Jung-kook is far from the hospital, having left the flowers at the bench. He recalls the locations he and the girl used to hang out at as well as the things they talked about. He had told the girl stories about him and the others. Earlier, Jung-kook had asked the nurses what happened to the girl but didn't get any answers. Jung-kook realises all he really talked about was his friends. He thinks that one day, even his friends would be gone too. Jung-kook recalls his accident[30] and how the car felt familiar. He doesn't want to jump into conclusions but still has it in mind.[31]

August 2: Yoon-gi sends a music file to Seok-jin. He had found an old music sheet when he went back to their secret hideout and had since polished it. The music sheet had the title, "We Can Laugh When We're Together." He notes how the writing wasn't his own, and he isn't sure if it was Seok-jin's. Yoon-gi then recalls a time back then when he and Seok-jin were walking across the athletic field. The two had been awkward as Yoon-gi slowed his pace in the hopes that Seok-jin would leave him. Seok-jin would try to start a conversation but end up making them more awkward around each other. Yoon-gi asked Seok-jin when was the last time he genuinely laughed, but Seok-jin didn't reply. Yoon-gi didn't press further. Yoon-gi notes how the music written in the sheet is childish and not beautiful. Whenever he thinks of high school, he just wants to get himself drunk. However, he knows that he still wants to polish this work and in the end keep the title of "We Can Laugh When We're Together."[32]

August 3: Seok-jin is looking through photos on the floor when suddenly they felt like moving. Jung-kook looks towards him. Seok-jin notes how all the memories suddenly flooded in him, hearing everyone's laughter and seeing everyone have fun through the photos. He wonders how he had forgotten all those memories when he finds something shimmering in his pocket.[33] Later on, Jung-kook is playing a shooting game. The game's map reminds him of the container town in Songju station. He changes his weapon to a machine gun when he spots someone wearing a black bandana. Suddenly, he starts to laugh when he notices how his enemies looked like his friends. Someone hits his character on the shoulder. When he looks back, he sees someone that looks like Seok-jin. Jung-kook's rage beings to boil all over.[34]

Location mention

Year 19

BU - 12 June Year 19

Everyone walking through the train station.

June 12: Everyone skips class and Nam-joon proposes that they go to the sea and since they don't have money, they decide to walk. They walk through the train station to get there faster. They pass a sign that says "Grass Flower Arboretum, 2.1 km." Ji-min stops and Yoon-gi notices his strange expression, but Ji-min walked on again.[35][36][37] They eventually reach the beach and play around. Ho-seok suggests visiting a rock that supposedly grants your dreams if you stand on it and shout your dreams to the ocean.

BU - 12 June Year 19 (2)

Photo in the beach.

The rock is 3.5km away, and while others don't want to walk that far, Tae-hyung insists. Jung-kook recalls asking the others about dreams, and asks them what exactly does one mean by a dream. They eventually get there, but found out construction that must've obliterated the rock. While they were a bit disappointed, a drilling sound comes and everything's inaudible. Everyone starts shouting out dreams and stops once the drilling ended. They take a photo together and mark the date.[38]

August 30: Ho-seok and Ji-min walk home together in a long route, despite Ji-min living in a different direction as Ho-seok. Ji-min couldn't ask why Ho-seok does this, and only hopes to prolong the day. He suddenly gets scared and ponders, "How many of these days could be left?" in reference to when he gets hospitalized again.[39]

Year 20

BU - 15 September Year 20

Ji-min having a seizure.

September 15: Ho-seok is with Ji-min in the emergency room because he had a seizure at the bus stop. Ji-min's mother thanks him for bringing him to the hospital. The medics start to move Ji-min's bed and Ho-seok started to follow them but Ji-min's mother thanks him again and touches him slightly. Ho-seok feels like Ji-min's mother drew an invisible line between them; a line he could never surmount. He steps back and falls to the floor, and when he lifted his head, Ji-min's bed had left the emergency room and could no longer be seen. After that day, Ji-min didn't come back to school.[40][41]

Year 22

BU - 11 April Year 22 (Love Yourself Her)

Jung-kook getting beaten up by thugs.

April 11: Seok-jin goes to the beach, reminiscing the time they all went there before.[42] He notes how everything stayed the same, except this time he was alone. He turns back and hops onto his car. He passes by their old school as his window is kept open. He heads off to the gas station where Nam-joon works at.[43] Meanwhile, Jung-kook bumps into some thugs on purpose, leading him to get beaten up. The thugs call Jung-kook crazy for laughing while getting beaten up and start hitting him more. He is eventually left on the ground as he recalls how his step-brother would kick him, the rest of his new family would not acknowledge his existence, and his mother would act indifferent. He goes up to a construction site and stands at the edge of the railing before almost losing balance. Jung-kook realises then that if he dies, no one would be sad for him.[44] Nam-joon is at his container looking for a T-shirt for Tae-hyung to change with. Tae-hyung picks on himself, and Nam-joon and Ho-seok catch a glimpse of Tae-hyung’s bruised back. Nam-joon pretends to not have seen it, jokingly scolding Tae-hyung for being late due to doing graffiti and getting caught. He pretends to hit him while Yoon-gi goes up to hit Tae-hyung's shoulder.[45]

May 10: Ho-seok finds out that the aunt who had nursed him since he was a child had gotten sick. He then rushes to her house. He finds her bedridden yet laughing despite her circumstances. Ho-seok walks out before the two manage to make eye contact. He ends up walking along the bridge. A bus passes by, reminding him of his mother. He suddenly thinks about how both his mother and his aunt left him. Ho-seok collapses.[46][47][48]

May 12: Ho-seok runs down the stairs after seeing who he thinks is his mother. Meanwhile, Ji-min hears someone call out to him from the stairs and goes there. As he goes down, he trips but Ji-min, who manages to arrive there right on time, catches him before falling. He goes back to look for her before finding out it was a random woman with a boy. Ho-seok doesn't remember how he got out of that situation nor how Ji-min managed to be there. He realises that he probably knew it wasn't his mother in the first place, knowing that it had already been 10 years, and he can barely remember her face anymore. Ji-min follows Ho-seok. The two talk about the last time they had seen each other[49][50] and how Ji-min had been staying at the hospital since then. Ho-seok realises how he and Ji-min are alike, being trapped in their memories. Then, Ho-seok tells Ji-min and they should get out.[51][52] Ji-min, however, tells him that he's going back to the psychiatric ward in a few days. Later on, Ho-seok gets discharged and leaves the hospital, with Ji-min 5 steps away from the exit watching him go. As Ji-min was about to turn back, a patient runs past him, causing Ji-min to fall down and cross the invisible line. He stands up and takes one more step towards the exit, before turning around and going back to his room.[53]

May 16: Ji-min is at Ho-seok's house, who tells him how it has the best and widest view of the city. Ji-min sees the train tracks with containers around where Nam-joon resides and the school everyone had gone to. He eventually finds his parents' house, realising he ran away from the hospital without a word. He knows the hospital would contact his parents and look for him. Ji-min doesn't have the courage to face them and that is why he followed Ho-seok to his house instead. He looks away from his parents' house, knowing someday he'll have to meet them and tell them he's not going back to the hospital.[54] Ho-seok stands by beside him.[55] He thinks about how he could be his most honest self at home. In his home, he could scream, dance like crazy, or weep at night. But he never had collapsed from narcolepsy at home. He watches Ji-min watch over the buildings and wonder if he's finding for his home, thinking it was instinct for someone to do so. Ho-seok wants to ask why Ji-min didn't go home, but decides not to, having an idea based on what he remembers of Ji-min's mother.[56][57] He finds that he doesn't actually bring up to ask his friends out of having an idea on the answer and to avoid awkwardness. He'd always wonder about everyone whenever they pass by the burger joint. Ho-seok asks Ji-min if he had found his home. Ji-min nods. Ho-seok then directs Ji-min to his orphanage. Ji-min looks as if he was wondering why Ho-seok is telling him this. Ho-seok then confesses to Ji-min that his narcolepsy is fake. He feels as though the reason why he can't bring up to ask the others about their problems is that he himself can't be honest to them either. Ho-seok continues, telling him that he isn't doing it on purpose and that his brain is making him ignore that there's a way for him to be okay. Ji-min asks if he's okay now. Ho-seok sees Ji-min's eyes, which was neither criticizing nor sympathizing. He answers Ji-min, telling him that he doesn't know but he looks forward to the day that he is okay. He and Ji-min laughs.[58]

May 29: Ji-min is at an academy not paying attention to the teacher. He notes how things got tougher even after leaving the hospital. His mother wants him to still finish up his studies and recommends him to go to a GED school. Ji-min doesn't want to go to an academy because it's burdensome. More than that, he doesn't want to talk to strangers who would ask him why he's still studying, afraid to bring back the memories he had while in high school.[59]


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