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Sin-si City is a fictional city in South Korea and serves as the main setting of the 7Fates: CHAKHO.



Inwang Mountain[]

  • Beom Rock: A rock-form where Zeha and his family used to live nearby. It is also where Haru is at before becoming human.

Yisal Tower[]

District 1[]

District 2[]

  • Bridge: To be added

District 3[]

  • City Hall: To be added

District 4[]

  • S-Hospital: To be added
  • Central Park: To be added

District 5[]

  • Bounty Station: To be added
    • Yisal Bounty Bank: To be added
  • Museum: A museum of ancient artifacts, including the Sword of the Ancient Age and an unnamed bow that Zeha and Haru steal.

District 6[]

District 7[]

  • Morning Star Preschool: To be added

District 15[]

  • Tiger Butterfly HQ: To be added