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Depressive Themes, Violence, Suicide, and Alcoholism, view at your own risk.
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Seok-jin's House is a fictional location from Songju City and Kim Seok-jin's house on the original story BTS Universe.


Seok-jin helps his friend escape from mafia goons. The friend explains that his Dad, Mr. Choi has been missing for a week, and that his company has been shut down. The men are out to capture the friend so that the father can be located. They escape to a hill behind the school and hide in an empty lot with exercise equipment. Around 9 p.m, Seok-jin decides to take his friend to his house.

Seok-jin enters the house and is scolded by his mother for coming home late. He runs to his room which is opposite to his parents’, and opens the window to let his friend enter. They are playing computer games when Seok-jin’s Dad bursts inside the room and asks the friend, "Are you Mr. Choi’s son?". He then proceeds to hand him over back to the goons that had been chasing Seok-jin and his friend. Seok-jin tries to stop his Dad but is held by the shoulder firmly and asked to be "a good kid". The friend tries to run back to Seok-jin’s room but Seok-jin’s father slams it shut. Seok-jin apologizes to his Dad. The next day the teacher tells him that the friend has been transferred to another school.

–花樣年華 THE NOTES 1
Seok-jin, 10 October Year 9


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Physical location[]

Year 22

April 11: Seok-jin wakes up again. In the previous timeline, they were at a beach on May 22 when Tae-hyung climbed up a platform and leaped off. A mirror breaks and brings Seok-jin back to April 11.[1] Later that day, Nam-joon is working at the gas station when a crumbled bill brushes against his face. The customers are laughing at him, and from the distance he sees Seok-jin. He wants to stand up against them but knows that he can't because he's just a part-timer at the gas station. Nam-joon bends his head low when he sees Seok-jin pick up the bill as the customers drive away. Seok-jin doesn't move nor speak.[2] Jung-kook climbs to the rooftop and stands on the edge. He is about to jump off when his phone rings, revealing to be Yoon-gi.[3] Jung-kook and Yoon-gi walk along the train tracks and arrive at Nam-joon's container, which was the fourth one from the end. Ho-seok had invited him to join him to meet up with Nam-joon and Tae-hyung. The two come inside, with Ho-seok surprised that Yoon-gi actually came. Soon thereafter, Nam-joon comes inside with Tae-hyung, whose shirt is torn during his chase with the police. Yoon-gi sits in the corner as he watches the others. Nam-joon gives Tae-hyung a T-shirt,[4] Ho-seok gives out burgers and drinks, and Jung-kook stands awkwardly. Yoon-gi notes how the scene looked like back in high school. He wonders where Seok-jin and Ji-min are. He feels himself at ease, even if it was his first time going to the container.[5]

BU - 4 June Year 22 (Map of the Soul Persona)

Seok-jin at his father's study.

June 4: Seok-jin talks about the Raft of Medusa painting that hangs over his father's study. He recalls that as a kid he used to be scared of that painting. But instead, the one he's scared of more now is the "inner room," an extension of his father's study that could be accessed within an unlocked door. Inside is where his father collects his thoughts, with the things inside being things that date back from his father's high school days. Seok-jin has gone there only once and felt scared by it due to how all seemed lacking of emotion besides the carelessly stacked boxes. Although he wasn't scolded for coming there, he never dared to go inside ever again.[6]

August 3: Seok-jin is looking through photos on the floor when suddenly they felt like moving. Jung-kook looks towards him. Seok-jin notes how all the memories suddenly flooded in him, hearing everyone's laughter and seeing everyone have fun through the photos. He wonders how he had forgotten all those memories when he finds something shimmering in his pocket.[7] Later on, Jung-kook is playing a shooting game. The game's map reminds him of the container town in Songju station. He changes his weapon to a machine gun when he spots someone wearing a black bandana. Suddenly, he starts to laugh when he notices how his enemies looked like his friends. Someone hits his character on the shoulder. When he looks back, he sees someone that looks like Seok-jin. Jung-kook's rage beings to boil all over.[8]


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