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SUGA (슈가) is the character of SUGA in the TinyTAN universe.


SUGA's TinyTAN character was designed to reflect his "chic-ness". On the inside, SUGA may be warm and friendly. But on the outside, he has a chic and untouchable vibe. Even though the animated character is tiny, they still managed to give him SUGA's big energy.[1]

Next to Jin in age, is our boy SUGA who speaks words of magic aka he predicts events like Grammys and going to Billboards, etc. and they come true. SUGA works hard even if it’s at the expense of his sleep.

He may look like a cold person at first, but he is a softie at heart and cares a lot about others. This sweet boy doesn’t hesitate in having a straightforward way of telling his bunt opinion, making him a sweetie with a swagger.[2]




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