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This Request:Discussion Moderator application has been declined.

Application Status: Declined by the Wiki Administration Team for the following reason:

"Application not well written."

Here's what you can do:
  • Continue to interact with the community;
  • Edit pages in a high-quality and good faith manner;
  • Report any bad behavior to a moderator or an administrator.

Free Response based on Wiki Staff Applications

I do not have any moderation experience. This being said, I have read through what a Discussion Mod is expected to do and I believe myself able to accomplish these things. By availability I'm assuming that was asking how often I can be on the wiki. My availability is pretty wide. I check the wiki for updates quite a few times throughout the day. I'm active in a lot of discussions had here and believe myself of good and respectable communication with all staff and users.

For other comments, I'm going to add that I'm currently a high school student. I work part time and also volunteer at my local animal shelter. Upon my graduation I'm hoping I can go to college and major in Social Work. After that I'm hoping to obtain a job in a child protective service field.

Do you agree to abide by the Staff Code of Conduct on all grounds and maintain the staff team's discretion?

Yes, I agree.

Sign here:

MortalInstruments95 (talk) 14:07, 6 April 2023 (UTC)