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RM is the one of the seven main protagonists of the BTS Island: In the SEOM game.


When it comes to leader RM, Like all good leaders, it isn’t surprising that the character is thoughtful and level-headed. After teasing ARMYs by saying that he has a secret the others don’t know about, it seems like the facial expressions of the character were chosen by RM.

Despite being one of the sweetest people in the world, RM wanted his character to have a more annoyed look but it’s still adorable.[1]



Like all good leaders, RM is thoughtful and level-headed. When the group is shipwrecked, he steps up and takes charge, leading the others calmly through unchartered territory. But this capable leader has a secret that the others don't know about yet!

Based on the star's request that he appear genuinely irritated, RM's angry expression is rendered realistically.[2]




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