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Odeng (오뎅) and Eomuk (어묵) were grey and white Black Beauty sugar gliders whom belonged to Jin.


Odeng and Eomuk were gifts to Jin from his parents, he showed them for first time on BTS COMEBACK SHOW - DNA.[1] They used to live with BTS in their dorm, but because of his constant trips abroad his parents took care of them.[2]

In 2018, Eomuk passed away and Jin brought a new sugar glider named Gukmul to accompany Odeng.[2]

In 2019, Odeng passed away because of a height accident.[3]



Jin and his sugar gliders are close as they live together and he's their owner. They have been with Jin for nearly a year and have built a good relationship with him.

Jin's family[]

Jin said his family really loves them, his mother gives a shower and talks with them everyday, his father give them sliced apple and his brother cried for joy when they paw on his hand.