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Depressive Themes, Violence, Suicide, and Alcoholism, view at your own risk.
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Nam-joon's Container is a fictional location from Songju City and Kim Nam-joon's house on the original story BTS Universe.


Nam-joon finds a flier that says there will be redevelopment stuck to the door of his container. He throws it in trash because he doesn't believe it will happen. He’s been coming back to the container every night instead of staying in the small room at the gas station, since they visited Jung-kook. He wonders if it was the time for them to part ways. But he still keeps the light just so the other boys know that they can still come to their "hideout".

–花樣年華 THE NOTES 1
Nam-joon, 7 August Year 22


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Physical location[]

Year 22

BU - 11 April Year 22 (Love Yourself Her)

Jung-kook getting beaten up by thugs.

April 11: Seok-jin goes to the beach, reminiscing the time they all went there before.[1] He notes how everything stayed the same, except this time he was alone. He turns back and hops onto his car. He passes by their old school as his window is kept open. He heads off to the gas station where Nam-joon works at.[2] Meanwhile, Jung-kook bumps into some thugs on purpose, leading him to get beaten up. The thugs call Jung-kook crazy for laughing while getting beaten up and start hitting him more. He is eventually left on the ground as he recalls how his step-brother would kick him, the rest of his new family would not acknowledge his existence, and his mother would act indifferent. He goes up to a construction site and stands at the edge of the railing before almost losing balance. Jung-kook realises then that if he dies, no one would be sad for him.[3] Nam-joon is at his container looking for a T-shirt for Tae-hyung to change with. Tae-hyung picks on himself, and Nam-joon and Ho-seok catch a glimpse of Tae-hyung’s bruised back. Nam-joon pretends to not have seen it, jokingly scolding Tae-hyung for being late due to doing graffiti and getting caught. He pretends to hit him while Yoon-gi goes up to hit Tae-hyung's shoulder.[4]

April 11: Seok-jin wakes up again. In the previous timeline, they were at a beach on May 22 when Tae-hyung climbed up a platform and leaped off. A mirror breaks and brings Seok-jin back to April 11.[5] Later that day, Nam-joon is working at the gas station when a crumbled bill brushes against his face. The customers are laughing at him, and from the distance he sees Seok-jin. He wants to stand up against them but knows that he can't because he's just a part-timer at the gas station. Nam-joon bends his head low when he sees Seok-jin pick up the bill as the customers drive away. Seok-jin doesn't move nor speak.[6] Jung-kook climbs to the rooftop and stands on the edge. He is about to jump off when his phone rings, revealing to be Yoon-gi.[7] Jung-kook and Yoon-gi walk along the train tracks and arrive at Nam-joon's container, which was the fourth one from the end. Ho-seok had invited him to join him to meet up with Nam-joon and Tae-hyung. The two come inside, with Ho-seok surprised that Yoon-gi actually came. Soon thereafter, Nam-joon comes inside with Tae-hyung, whose shirt is torn during his chase with the police. Yoon-gi sits in the corner as he watches the others. Nam-joon gives Tae-hyung a T-shirt,[8] Ho-seok gives out burgers and drinks, and Jung-kook stands awkwardly. Yoon-gi notes how the scene looked like back in high school. He wonders where Seok-jin and Ji-min are. He feels himself at ease, even if it was his first time going to the container.[9]

April 28: Nam-joon talks about knowing something has been going on with Tae-hyung. He knows about the wounds in Tae-hyung's body and of his nightmares, yet Tae-hyung would act as if nothing was wrong. Nam-joon never asks Tae-hyung or tells him to let it out. It was because he wants Tae-hyung to tell it himself, but also because he feels like he isn't worthy to unload the burden for him. Nam-joon knows for himself that he's not a true adult nor older brother figure despite their praises. Tae-hyung wakes up from Nam-joon shaking him. He stares blankly as he lets himself cry. Eventually, Tae-hyung tells Nam-joon of his nightmare of Yoon-gi's death, Jung-kook's accident, and Nam-joon's fight. Tae-hyung tells Nam-joon to not go anywhere.[10]

May 2: Jung-kook goes to Nam-joon's container and covers himself with garments. He recalls what happened at the motel. There he saw Yoon-gi standing on the bed as flames surrounded the entire room. He couldn’t muster up what else to say other than "I thought we were all going to the sea together." Jung-kook wakes up from being shaken by Nam-joon, who asks him if he had a bad dream. Jung-kook feels a sense of relief seeing him, but soon finds out that he has a fever. Nam-joon gives him medicine and tells him to sleep some more before they could talk. Jung-kook asks Nam-joon if he can become an adult like him, and Nam-joon doesn’t answer.[11]

May 22: The boys are all walking towards their lodging from the beach when Nam-joon gets a call from his parents. He tells them how his younger brother could take care of himself and apologizes before ending. Nam-joon notes that it wasn't that he didn't care nor love his family, but it was that he just wanted to run away. But deep inside he knows that he truly can't. From far off, he notices Jung-kook who is unmoving just like him. He recalls the time when Jung-kook tells him that he wanted to be like him.[12] He didn't answer because he didn't know what to tell him, knowing that he himself isn't an adult at all. He didn't want to tell him that being an adult doesn't just mean growing older. Nam-joon wishes that the future will be kinder for Jung-kook, but couldn't promise he would be able to help him on that.[13] Later that day, Jung-kook gets into an accident. He looks at the moon as he struggles to cough. Just as his consciousness fades, he hears a voice telling him, "It’ll be more painful to live than to die. Do you still want to live?"[14]

June 15: Nam-joon talks about a boy named Song Woo-chang who he had first met two months ago. He had always seen him play around but noted how he always wore the same clothes. Eventually, as he leaves the gas station today, he sees Woo-chang again. He plans to ignore him and eat some ramyeon and sleep. However, he knows he only has one pack of ramyeon left and he wasn't in the mood to stock more. In the end, he walks to Woo-chang and offers him his last ramyeon.[15]

July 24: Ji-min arrives first at the container everyone intends to go to. There, he thinks about something he wants to ask Seok-jin when he arrives. He wonders where everyone went seeing how late they are. He writes, "Congratulations, Jung-kook" on a piece of paper and sticks it to the wall. Eventually while waiting, Ji-min looks back to when he escaped out of the hospital. He wonders if, like him, Seok-jin also felt trapped. They had found some little hints he hopes could help. As he thinks of this, Yoon-gi arrives.[16] Later on, the others arrive. Jung-kook sees the "Congratulations, Jung-kook" but doesn't feel the atmosphere that seems like that. Seok-jin goes out of the container, followed by Tae-hyung and eventually the rest. He sees them talking to Seok-jin who doesn't seem to pay much attention before Seok-jin inevitably leaves. He notices the car bumpers that seem to signify an accident, leading him to recall the night of his accident. Jung-kook's leg begins to ache as he notices how the others kept talking outside the container.[17]

August 25: Nam-joon is trapped inside his container with Woo-chang as it burns. He falls down while coughing from the heat. He covers Woo-chang with a wet blanket as he tells him to try and jump on the window. As the two are about to jump, things begin to fall outside, blocking their exit.[18]

Meaningful location mention[]

Year 22

April 11: Seok-jin wakes up, recalling the events of the previous loop dated September 30. He remembers seeing Nam-joon's dead body amidst the fire in container town. He ponders how many more ways could he save Nam-joon without feeling afraid nor impatient. Even after countless loops, Seok-jin still hasn't figured out what the map of the soul is, which was something that he needed to find to end everything. When he asked what the map of the soul is, the voice told him that hints come at a cost. Seok-jin drives towards the gas station. The only thing in his mind is to stop the accident on September 30. He'd learned from the many loops that surviving and getting to escape the loop is more important than saving everyone.[19]

May 20: Ho-seok fetches Tae-hyung from the police station. On their way to Tae-hyung's house, Ho-seok wonders why his house was so close to the police station. Ho-seok asks Tae-hyung if he was hungry, but Tae-hyung declines. Ho-seok thinks about how much suffering Tae-hyung must be going through. He recalls how he saw Tae-hyung's bruises back when he was at Nam-joon’s container[20] but didn't press on it. Ho-seok knows that in regards to problems with family, he probably has more wounds as he couldn't even recall his father and his mother left him at age 7. He knows how people say that they have to overcome their pains, but finds himself wondering why they had to go through them in the first place. They eventually arrive at Tae-hyung's place, and Tae-hyung tells Ho-seok that he can go alone. Ho-seok continues to walk with him but Tae-hyung tells him that he's fine as Ho-seok thinks there was no way Tae-hyung could be fine. Eventually, he retreats back, noting that both of their paths are narrow and they are both alone. Suddenly, Ho-seok's phone rings, leading him to look back to Tae-hyung's direction.[21] Tae-hyung attacks his father but is stopped by Ho-seok before he could hit him. Tae-hyung ends up injuring himself and his father leaves the room. Tae-hyung collapses but is caught by Ho-seok. He thinks about all the pent up rage against his father, but knows that in the end, the only one he wanted to kill was not his father but himself. Tae-hyung tells Ho-seok to go away who obliges. He ends himself looking at Nam-joon's phone number, wanting to tell him how he had killed his abusive father so many times in his head and now he had almost done it in reality. He feels lost and just wants to see Nam-joon.[22]

Location mention[]

Year 22

May 16: Ji-min is at Ho-seok's house, who tells him how it has the best and widest view of the city. Ji-min sees the train tracks with containers around where Nam-joon resides and the school everyone had gone to. He eventually finds his parents' house, realising he ran away from the hospital without a word. He knows the hospital would contact his parents and look for him. Ji-min doesn't have the courage to face them and that is why he followed Ho-seok to his house instead. He looks away from his parents' house, knowing someday he'll have to meet them and tell them he's not going back to the hospital. However, he feels scared that he couldn't handle it and have another seizure.[23]

August 3: Seok-jin is looking through photos on the floor when suddenly they felt like moving. Jung-kook looks towards him. Seok-jin notes how all the memories suddenly flooded in him, hearing everyone's laughter and seeing everyone have fun through the photos. He wonders how he had forgotten all those memories when he finds something shimmering in his pocket.[24] Later on, Jung-kook is playing a shooting game. The game's map reminds him of the container town in Songju station. He changes his weapon to a machine gun when he spots someone wearing a black bandana. Suddenly, he starts to laugh when he notices how his enemies looked like his friends. Someone hits his character on the shoulder. When he looks back, he sees someone that looks like Seok-jin. Jung-kook's rage beings to boil all over.[25]


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