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Spoilers Spoiler Alert: This article contains details about BTS Universe. Do not proceed unless you wish to be spoiled.

Nam-gu Mun-hyeon Library is a fictional location from Songju City.


Nam-joon has started working night shifts at the gas station since last month. He has also started going to the library every day. In the library he tries his hardest to concentrate and browse through some magazines but it is not easy. On the way back to the gas station from the library, he notices a woman. This was the same woman who he had seen distributing flyers on the overpass that day, and who also came to the same library. Nam-joon feels that they are similar going to the same library, taking the same route, sighing the same way. He had even bought a hair tie for her on a whim after seeing her yellow elastic hair-tie.

He notices the woman had fallen asleep when her stop arrived. He hesitates to wake her up. In the end he leaves just putting the hair-tie on the bag and gets off. He remembers that a few days ago he had seen graffiti on the wall near the bus stop and he had automatically looked around for Tae-hyung, but judging by the spray cans still left it seemed as if he had run away in a hurry.

–花樣年華 THE NOTES 1
Nam-joon, 13 July Year 22


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Physical location[]

Year 22

July 20: Nam-joon brushes through magazines in the library. He notices that the girl doesn't seem to come by anymore as different people come by at where the girl would've sat on. He's not particularly reading and ponders what even was he doing. Eventually the days of highschool comes back to him, and he wonders if he has ever grown. And such from that point Nam-joon decides to start over and go back to studying, something that he had given up, once again.[1]

Meaningful location mention[]

Year 22
BU 13 July Year 22 (Love Yourself Tear)

Nam-joon with the hair tie.

July 13: Nam-joon is on a bus looking at the girl. He has known the girl for a month, although they haven't really talked to each other at all. He intends to give her a hair tie. He has always thought about what the girl's thoughts are, especially whenever she gets off the bus for her stop. Eventually, her stop grows near and passengers get off. However, the girl seems to have been asleep. Nam-joon contemplates waking her up but ends up not moving before the bus drives to the next stop. Soon, Nam-joon’s stop comes and he still debates whether or not to wake her up, knowing the possibility she'll wake up much far from her destination and get more stressed about it. In the end, he leaves the hair tie next to her and gets off without waking her up.[2][3]

Location mention[]

Year 22

May 30: Seok-jin is trying to look for the map of the soul, which was his sole hint. He had looked through various bookstores and bibliographies through countless loops but found nothing. He is in a bookstore which felt familiar, but only because it was probably because it looked similar to one he had gome previously. He goes back to his car, not knowing where to go next.[4]


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