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Trigger Warning: This article or section has mature content, such as:
Depressive Themes, Violence, Suicide, and Alcoholism, view at your own risk.
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Ji-min's House (also known as Mun-hyeon Heights Apartment Complex 2) is a fictional location from Songju City and Park Ji-min's house on the original story BTS Universe.


Ji-min observes that Hoseok had been in a bad mood ever since he heard of Jung-kook’s accident. He would come to practice but just stay in one corner. Ji-min then narrates how he had come to join Just Dance club on Ho-seok’s encouragement after the beach visit. In the Dance Club, Ho-seok has a dance partner that he had found in the orphanage itself. The girl was good at dancing and often made him smile. Ji-min looks at videos of Ho-seok dancing and wishes to improve his dancing.

Ji-min had been fond of dancing since little, however regular hospital stays ended up making his body stiff and he was not as fluid as before. Therefore he practices hard, even after others leave. He remembers how his parents reacted to him arriving home. Scared of what repercussions he will face from his parents, Ji-min had decided to make a commitment to something he likes. At night, Ji-min practices turns in front of the mirror. He wants to impress his new partner, and do well instead of just ‘not bad’.

–花樣年華 THE NOTES 1
Ji-min, 3 July Year 22


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Meaningful location mention[]

Year 22

May 16: Ji-min is at Ho-seok's house, who tells him how it has the best and widest view of the city. Ji-min sees the train tracks with containers around where Nam-joon resides and the school everyone had gone to. He eventually finds his parents' house, realising he ran away from the hospital without a word. He knows the hospital would contact his parents and look for him. Ji-min doesn't have the courage to face them and that is why he followed Ho-seok to his house instead. He looks away from his parents' house, knowing someday he'll have to meet them and tell them he's not going back to the hospital. However, he feels scared that he couldn't handle it and have another seizure.[1]


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