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This article focuses on the fictional character Min Yunki.
For the rapper of BTS, see SUGA.

Min Yunki (민윤기) is one of the seven main protagonists of the mobile game BTS World. The game has two parallel stories, he is a member of the boy group BTS under the stage name SUGA (슈가) in the BTS Story. Meanwhile, he is a piano student in the Another Story.

His theme song in the game is called "Shine (Yunki Theme)".


Yunki is a musical genius and one of the top students in the piano major. However, even perfect Yunki has a secret to hide.[1]


BTS Story[]

Another Story[]


  • BTS World
    • BTS Story
    • Another Story
      • Season 1
        • SUGA's Story (Chapters: 1-6)
        • RM's Story (Chapters: 6)
        • Jin's Story (Chapters: 6)
      • Season 2