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Mapler Kim Seokjin, I'm off to work.

–Series slogan.

Mapler Kim Seokjin (출근용사 김석진; also known as Chulgeunyongsa Kim Seokjin) is a two-episodes variety web series starring Jin, released since August 16, 2022 until August 18, 2022 on MapleStory Korean's YouTube channel. The series features Jin working as the new intern of MapleStory planning team.


Main Cast[]

Supporting Cast[]

  • Kang Wonki (강원기) (Episodes 1–2)
  • Kim Changsub (김창섭) (Episodes 1–2)
  • Oh Yooseok (오유석) (Episodes 1–2)
  • Kwon Hyukeon (권혁언) (Episodes 1–2)


1 Mapler Kim SeokJin Ep 1 A 10-year-old idol is a new intern on the MapleStory planning team?
(10년차 아이돌이 메이플스토리 기획팀 신입 인턴?)
August 16, 2022
To be added (Watch here)
2 Mapler Kim SeokJin Ep 2 Maple's new intern, BTS Jin's great ideas are revealed
(메이플 신입 인턴 BTS 진의 패기만만 아이디어 대공개)
August 18, 2022
To be added (Watch here)



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