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You took a lot of my money.

–Jin to Kang Wonki, MapleStory X BTS, Episode 1.

MapleStory X BTS is a three-episodes web series by BTS, released since November 25, 2020 until December 9, 2020 on MapleStory's YouTube channel. The series follows the members creating their own items for the collaboration with the game MapleStory.

Mapler Kim Seokjin a two-episodes spin-off of the series was released on August 16, 2022 until August 18, 2022.


Main Cast[]

  • RM (Episodes 1–3)
  • Jin (진) (Episodes 1–3)
  • SUGA (슈가) (Episodes 1–3)
  • j-hope (제이홉) (Episodes 1–3)
  • Jimin (지민) (Episodes 1–3)
  • V (뷔) (Episodes 1–3)
  • Jung Kook (정국) (Episodes 1–3)


  • Kang Wonki (강원기) (Episode 1)


1 MapleStory X BTS Ep 1 The MapleStory Originals - Once Upon a Time
(The MapleStory Originals - Once Upon a Time)
November 25, 2020
Time for the dream broadcast! Are you prepared to pull an all-nighter? Reminisce about the good ol’ Maple days with BTS!
2 MapleStory X BTS Ep 2 BTS' Unstoppable Creativity - Personality
(BTS' Unstoppable Creativity - Personality)
December 2, 2020
Beauty or individuality? That is the question. You know you want them all! 7 members, 7 item logs!
3 📺EP ※Visual Amazement Alert※ A True Masterpiece! Brought to You by BTS
(※Visual Amazement Alert※ A True Masterpiece! Brought to You by BTS)
December 9, 2020
An absolute masterpiece set made by BTS! From hats to even chairs, it has everything you need. Maybe it's a good time to return to MapleStory to check it out?