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The manager is the protagonist of the story, she's a female who is a fan of BTS and is currently working as their manager


She is doesn't have a certain type of personality as her actions and lines are mainly chosen by the player but, according to the dialogue choices, she's very sweet and kind. Aside from that, she can also be very strict and mother-like towards the members. In other words, she's very questionable, observant, and very smart. She's also very anxious (As shown when Jimin slipped and injured his ankle)


Manager has the power to travel between worlds, as she can only do this action when the player decides to play the main story or "Another Story".


  • As stated before, she's very mother-like towards BTS if they don't listen to her requests (Ex: While asking for them to clean their dorm during their first debut, they didn't do it which angered her and ends up yelling at them all)
  • She's shown to accidentally leak things from the future during some points in the game like how she said: "Cheers to the Bangtan Boys!" during all of them first meeting for each other at the grill, at that point they didn't decide their group name yet.
  • She makes an appearance in events but she never made one in the Halloween 2019 event and the Valentines 2019 event
  • It's shown that she has a very good memory and is also shown to keep them when entering "Another World" as she's very anxious about how their personality is like and what they do in that specific world since BTS wasn't formed in that timeline
  • It's stated that she's very tidy and organized
  • It's also implied that she lives in an apartment building
  • She's quite the emotional type (As shown during the first-ever fan meet)