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"Like Crazy" is a song by Jimin. It was released on March 24, 2023. It serves as the title track and appears as the third track from his debut mini album FACE.


Like Crazy is a synth pop genre, and it is a song that contrasts Jimin's mournful tone with strong synth and drum sounds.

Jimin was inspired by the movie 'Like Crazy', which he usually likes, and participated in composing the song. As in the movie, it is a song about the loss and pain after a breakup, and the emotions of the moment when you turn away from reality and escape to forget the wound. The lyrics about wanting to stay in the dream forever, despite suffering and losing oneself trapped in the colorful lights while searching for the person one loved in the dream, stimulate the emotions. The melody is light, but Jimin's beautiful voice, which expresses empty emotions, creates a unique harmony.




Awards and Nominations

Music program awards

Program Date
M Countdown (Mnet) March 30, 2023
April 6, 2023
Music Bank (KBS2) March 31, 2023
April 7, 2023



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