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"Lie" is a solo song by Jimin of BTS. It was released on October 10, 2016, and appears as the fourth track for their second studio album Wings and the repackage album You Never Walk Alone.


Musical analysis[]

The verse and part of the intro contains an interpolation of a common arrangement for solo guitar of the "Danza Española nº 1" from spanish composer Manuel de Falla's opera "La vida breve" . The song begins with a slow intro played by heavily processed strings, playing in tempo rubato and in the fifth mode of the harmonic minor scale, also known as the phrygian dominant scale. The string intro ends with a dramatic suspended chord played with tremolo, resolving the dominant chord, followed by the interpolation of "La vida breve", leading into the verse.

The song is in the key of F# minor, but modulates to the parallel key of F# major in the chorus. The intro, played in rubato is in 4/4, while the rest of the song is in 6/8, or could also be seen as 12/8.

The intro has a descending bass line in minor 3rds in the first four chords , then descends down the F#m scale for four more chords, outlines the dominant and then lands on the dominant. The chords in the intro are played as follows:

G#dim7- F#m - Fdim7- F#m - D/F# - C#m/E - Bm/D - C#aug - Bm7 - D7b5 - C#sus - C#

The two chords in the verse, the second part of the intro, and the outro are from the beginning of the spanish dance from La vida breve but transposed from the original key of A-minor to the key of F#-minor:

F#m - C#sus7

The pre-chorus has an ascending bass line climbing from the root to the fifth and is harmonised like this:

F#m - G#dim - A - Bm - C#7

Choruses 1, 2 and 4:

F# - B11 - Bm7 - Dmaj7 - Dm6

F# - B11 - Bm7 - Dmaj7 - Dm6(maj7) - C#7 - F#m (F#m7 in 2nd chorus and F#madd9 in last chorus)


Bm9 - C#7 - F#m - F#7/A# - Bm11 - D7 - C#5

Chorus 3 (Breakdown):

F# - Bm11 - Dmaj7 - Dm6(maj7)