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This article focuses on the fictional character Kim Seok-jin.
For the singer of BTS, see Jin.

Trigger Warning: This article or section has mature content, such as:
Suicide and Depression Themes, Violence, view at your own risk.
Spoilers Spoiler Alert: This article contains details about BTS Universe. Do not proceed unless you wish to be spoiled.

If I could turn back time, I want to be the best man in the world.

–Kim Seok-jin, #LOVE_YOURSELF Poster.

Kim Seok-jin (김석진; also as Kim Hwan (김환) in BEGINS ≠ YOUTH) is one of the seven main protagonists of the original story BTS Universe. He has the ability to go back in time, and he uses it to try and help fix his friends' mistakes.


Seok-jin is very pressured by his father's high expectations. He is usually kind and happy, but the stress of having to save his friends makes him anxious and worried for them. He enjoys recording and taking pictures of the things around him. His dream in life is to become a good person.


Before April 11 Year 22[]

See also: Timeline

Between February 19~20, Year 19, Seok-jin returns from the United States and is transferred to the Songju Jeil High School. He learns that he has to repeat a year of high school due the change in the education system. On March 2, Seok-jin first meets and becomes friends with Min Yoon-gi, Kim Nam-joon, Jung Ho-seok, Park Ji-min, Kim Tae-hyung and Jeon Jung-kook. They meet in the classroom-turned-storage room that they were initially assigned to clean, as penalty for being late to school. After that, the room serves as their hideout where they often skip class to visit. There, they spend time hanging out, listening to music, reading books, and talking about their dreams.

Powers and Abilities[]

BU - May 22, 2022 (Webtoon)

Seok-jin and the "white cat".

  • Time Travel: After meeting a white, cat-like creature on the beach, Seok-jin acquires the ability to travel back in time, although he doesn't realize this until his third travel. He occupies his ability to fix his friends' fates as well as his own.[1]
    • Immortality: Seok-jin almost dies two times. The first time he, along with Nam-joon, Tae-hyung and Jung-kook, get into a car accident (6th Timeline: Seok-jin's 5th time loop)[2]. The second time, he is stabbed by Tae-hyung (11th Timeline: Seok-jin's 10th time loop). In both timelines, Seok-jin is sent back to April 11th before he dies.[3]


  • Memory Loss: Due to him constantly traveling through time, Seok-jin starts to lost his memories.



Kim Chang-joon[]




Choi Gyu-ho's son[]

Min Yoon-gi[]

Kim Nam-joon[]

Jung Ho-seok[]

Park Ji-min[]

Kim Tae-hyung[]

Jeon Jung-kook[]

Romantic Life[]

Highlight Reel's girl[]

Possessions and Symbolism[]

BU - SJ White Lily

White Lily's petals.

  • Flowers: White Lily, Calla, Purple Celosia Flamingo Feather and Smeraldo.
    • White Lily: Often Seok-jin is seen with White Lilies, its petals or specifically with six petals in his room,[4][5][6][7] which is where he returns after every time-travel, or other locations.[8] Sometimes, Seok-jin burns the petals.[9][10] At the moment, the petals use or meaning is unknown.
BU - SJ Purple Celosia Flamingo

Purple Celosia Flamingos.

    • Purple Celosia Flamingo: In Blood Sweat & Tears music video, the White Lilies are reflected as Purple Celosia Flamingos in a mirror, at the same time, Seok-jin's face cracks.[11]
BU - SJ Callas


    • Calla: Seok-jin is also seen with Callas in his room.[12] In August 30, Year 22, when Seok-jin was changing his clothes a vase of Callas it fell but when he make his first time-travel in that date he catches the Callas before it fall.[13][14]
BU - SJ Smeraldo

Seok-jin with Smeraldo bouquet.

    • Smeraldo: Seok-jin finds out about the Smeraldo flowers on July 11, Year 22 when he sees a girl crossing the railroad tracks who drops her diary.[15] Seok-jin takes her diary and reads what's inside, there she wrote about the "mysterious flower". [16] Eventually both arraged a date and Seok-jin buys a Smeraldo bouquet to give it to her but before of that she is hit by a truck.[17] In FAKE LOVE music video, Seok-jin is tries to protect a Smeraldo flower but ends turning in sand.[18][19]

BU - Wings SJ Pink Camera

Pink Camera.

  • Cameras: Pink Camera and Camcorder.
    • Pink Camera: Seok-jin has a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Pink, it was first seen between March-June of Year 19.[20] He usually takes pictures of his friends and himself, the picture of everyone at the beach in June 12, Year 19 was took with this camera.[21] The camera was last seen in July 11, Year 22 (Highlight Reel '起承轉結' - 1st Timeline).[22]
    • Camcorder: TBA

BU - SJ Broken Glass

Seok-jin and the Broken Glass.

  • Time-Travel: Possessions or symbolism related to Seok-jin's time-travels.
    • Broken Glass: In Save Me webtoon, everytime Seok-jin turns back the time is represented with broken glass.[23] Also the broken glass is show in Blood Sweat & Tears Japanese music video.[24]
    • Window and Curtains: TBA
    • Black Hole: TBA
    • Butterfly: TBA [25][26][27]

  • Opera Glasses: TBA

  • Apple: TBA

BU - Magic Shop SJ 1


  • Earpiece: Seok-jin's earpiece it was first seen in WINGS Short Film #7 AWAKE.[28] At the moment, it is use or meaning is unknown. Afterwards, Seok-jin gives in exchange the earpiece at the Magic Shop.[29]

Family Tree[]

Maternal grandmother
Kim Chang-joon
Kim Seokjin - BTS Universe
Kim Seok-jin