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Trigger Warning: This article or section has mature content, such as:
Depressive Themes, Violence, Suicide, and Alcoholism, view at your own risk.
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Just Dance Studio is a fictional location from Songju City, where Jung Ho-seok practiced dance movements.


Ho-seok is on his way to the practice room. His ankle had been put in a plaster cut so for the first time he had skipped dance training and instead headed home earlier than usual. While walking on crutches, he sees a drunken Yoongi staggering on the road. Two days after he heard of the accident, Hoseok had gone to meet Yoongi in his workroom after Yoongi had not picked up any calls. He banged but only heard the sound of music coming from inside. He leaves after giving up. Ho-seok has known Yoon-gi since middle school. He knew about the impact of his mother’s death on him, and tried to be a reliable friend. He knew even then the others did not mean that much to Yoo-ngi, but he thought Yoon-gi would have at least cared for Jung-kook and visited him in the hospital. Even Yoon-gi’s partner had come searching for Ho-seok saying she was unable to contact him.

Ho-seok tries to walk ahead but cannot help but look back at Yoon-gi, who had collapsed in front of a vendor. Annoyed, Ho-seok scolds him harshly. He asks if he ever thought of others who were suffering just as much as him, if he ever thought of composing again because he couldn't live without music, and about why he did not see Jung-kook when he knew what he meant to him.

Ho-seok feels as if he is perhaps pouring the frustration of his own injury on Yoon-gi. He thinks of how detrimental a hurt ankle is for a dancer, and how a hurt ankle would always make him conscious in dance, even then he could not think of giving up dancing. Before leaving he tells Yoongi to stop running away and that if he still wants to run away, he should run and never come back.

–花樣年華 THE NOTES 1
Ho-seok, 25 July Year 22


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Physical location[]

Year 21

February 25: Ho-seok practices in front of the mirror. He recalls the time where he first started dancing 12 years ago, noting the joy that came from inside him. He keeps looking himself at the mirror, knowing that the Ho-seok in the mirror isn't bound up from the ground and didn't have to be full of problems. Hence, he protects these moments where he looks at himself in the mirror dancing.[1]

Year 22

May 31: Ho-seok feels like he's like his mother, turning away from someone since he can't look at his long-time friend that he’d known for 10 years. After practice, Ho-seok gets out of breath and goes to the corner of the room. A voice asks him, “Where are you going, Ho-seok-ah?” which reminds him of his mother back when he was age 7.[2]

BU - 3 July Year 22 (Love Yourself Her)

Ji-min practicing alone.

July 3: Ji-min is practicing choreography alone. He attempts to follow Ho-seok's exact movements in the video but ends up failing. He knows that unlike himself, Ho-seok has done much more practice. It is planned that tomorrow he and his partner will try again and so Ji-min is practicing much more seriously. He wants to prove that he's not just "better than expected" and that he could be just the same as Ho-seok.[3]

BU 4 July Year 22 (Love Yourself Tear) 2

Ji-min colliding with the girl.

July 4: Ji-min is practicing a dance with someone else. However, he loses his flow and ends up colliding with her. Ji-min falls and his arm begins to bleed.[4] He suddenly gets flashbacks of the Grass Flower Arboretum and panics, heading to the bathroom to furiously wash off the blood.[5] He thought that he had already overcome it, but he didn't. As he washes the blood off his arm, he realises that he wasn't the only one who fell. Ji-min goes to check on his partner to find no one. He sees at a distance outside Ho-seok running while carrying the girl. Ji-min grabs an umbrella to catch up and give it to them but stops.[6] He realises that he couldn't do anything for falling and hurting someone just to run away. He tells himself that it wasn't okay before correcting that he is okay and that his injury isn’t serious.[7] Ho-seok arrives at the hospital. While waiting, the girl's bag falls to the floor.

July 28: Ji-min waits for the train to stop so that he can fully practice alone. Whenever he practices with others, he's more drawn to see the flaws of his dancing, which is why he keeps practicing alone. He notes, however, that whenever he practices alone this way, all his fear and insecurities disappear. He'd always known he's weak and powerless, but whenever he dances, all he could think about is the movement. Whenever he dances, he feels as if all his feelings and thoughts gets expressed through it, and with that, he could feel himself liking himself a bit more.[8]

August 13: Ho-seok watches Ji-min and his friend dance together. Ever since his ankle got injured, he only ended up watching by, but soon came to a realisation that he is still dancing with them in an essence. He recalls that whenever he dances with Ji-min, he always found a lot of mistakes and would correct them one by one. However, when he watches Ji-min perform, he realises that the imperfections of Ji-min's dance is what makes him unique and gives off his own vibe. The dance ends and Ho-seok gives a thumbs up. He recalls how the girl will have to go overseas soon. He wonders why he thought she looked like his mother when he can't even remember her face. Ho-seok's heart begins to ache.[9]


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