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Jung Kook (정국) is the character of Jung Kook in the TinyTAN universe.


Jungkook's TinyTAN character was designed as someone who “draws really well even with chocolate syrup“. If Jungkook didn’t decide to become a singer, he could’ve easily been an artist. He’s known for creating some truly unique pieces that go beyond pencil and paper, from painted sneakers to customized gas masks.[1]

Jung-kook has been in the music field since a very young age of 15 years old, he is the maknae of the group being the youngest. He has a high drive for learning and excels in many aspects other than music like gaming, filmography, dance, art, and much more. He is a boy with many talents and so our leader RM calls him the Golden Maknae, which every army would agree with.[2]




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