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Jung Kook (정국) is the one of the seven main protagonists of the BTS Island: In the SEOM game.


The “Baby Brother” is the last one, and Jung Kook’s character definitely exudes the true vibes of the idol. As the group’s baby, the character is always energetic and loves doing all sorts of activities.

When it comes to Jung Kook, the idol has so many distinct features. For his character, they made sure to emphasize his deep brown eyes and made sure that they looked like stars shining in the sky.[1]



Jung Kook may be the baby of the bunch, but he's up of the anything! Putting up a hammock, lighting a fire, angling for fish - if it needs goings, Jung Kook is there to take care of it. He's proactive and keen, especially if the others are there with him.

Jung Kook is known for his deep dark eyes, which is why his character has the biggest peepers of all.[2]




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