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This article focuses on the fictional character Jung Ho-seok.
For the rapper of BTS, see j-hope.

Trigger Warning: This article or section has mature content, such as:
Suicide and Depression Themes, Violence, view at your own risk.
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If you can shine, I'm okay.

–Jung Ho-seok, #LOVE_YOURSELF Poster.

Jung Ho-seok (정호석; also as Jeong Hosu (정호수) in BEGINS ≠ YOUTH) is one of the seven main characters of the media franchise BTS Universe.


Ho-seok was abandoned by his mother in an amusement park when he was a child, and he lived in an orphanage for ten years following the incident. He was diagnosed with Munchausen Syndrome.

He enjoys dancing and always only ever shows his bright and cheerful side to others. He always takes care of Ji-min.