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Jin (진) is the one of the seven main protagonists of the BTS Island: In the SEOM game.


Jin was next. The nickname “The Optimistic One” seems perfect for the group’s oldest member. According to the description, Jin is the strength and hope of the group and is always beaming with positivity. They also couldn’t forget to remind ARMYs that Jin is an amazing cook, and his character is the same by offering support to the others in the form of a hearty meal.

Jin isn’t known as worldwide handsome for no reason. The character perfectly recreates this, including making sure his “signature plump lips” are part of the character.[1]



You can always count by Jin to cheer everyone up. Beaming with positivity, he gives his fellow BTS members hope and strength to carry on despite the difficulties they face. he's also an amazing cook, offering support to the others in the form of a hearty meal.

Jin's signature plump lips are perfectly recreated in the game.[2]




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