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Jimin (지민) is the one of the seven main protagonists of the BTS Island: In the SEOM game.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise to see that Jimin‘s character is one of the cutest things in the world. Dubbed “The Charmer” (for obvious reasons), Jimin’s charisma and charm have been described as bringing everyone together and keeping spirits high.

If that wasn’t cute enough, the small details on the character were all because of Jimin. In particular, the idol said he wanted to appear cute AF in the game and so he suggested adding blush to his character’s cheeks.[1]



When you're feeling down, Jimin is there to comfort you, cheer you up, and help you put it all behind you. he puts his charisma to good use by bringing everyone together and keeping spirits high.

Jimin wanted to appear cute in the game, which is why he suggested adding the rosy blush to his character's cheecks.[2]




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