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This article focuses on the fictional character Jeon Jung-kook.
For the singer of BTS, see Jung Kook.

Trigger Warning: This article or section has mature content, such as:
Suicide and Depression Themes, Violence, view at your own risk.
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The day that I want to run to that place, where my heart is taking me to.

–Jeon Jung-kook, #LOVE_YOURSELF Poster.

Jeon Jung-kook (전정국; also as Jeon Jeha (전재하) in BEGINS ≠ YOUTH) is one of the seven main characters of the media franchise BTS Universe.

He is the second friend of Kim Seok-jin will meet after coming back from US. He originally committed suicide but Seokjin saved him the 3rd time.


Jung-kook is a shy and reserved boy. He is often lonely and feels neglected, as his mother has a new family, and they tend to ignore him or forget that he exists. As a result of this, he battles with self-harm, depression and suicidal ideation. With the other boys, he goofs off and is happy, but is always afraid that those days spent with them will come to an end.


Jung-kook sports a neatly cut brown hair, brown eyes and is first seen wearing the school uniform of Songju High School. He wears a t-shirt under his jacket when not in school.


After climbing to the roof of a building in the Prologue, standing on the rail and spread his arms just like in Euphoria. He seen to be close with Yoongi in their circle of friends and learned piano through his hyung's help. Prior to their group's split up, Jungkook and Yoongi were usually idling in music room but a teacher suddenly enters and finds them. In a fit of anger, the teacher was about to slap Jung-kook but Yoongi defended him. Fighting back for him, Yoongi was expelled from school and Jung-kook felt guilty since he was the reason why Yoongi had to be expelled. Jung-kook had a hard time with his family as they don't care about him and treated him harshly. His source of motivation was his friends but their circle of friends splitting up, made him sad.

Time Leaps[]

  • 1st round of leap: Jung-kook is seen by Seokjin in his car walking among the crowds of students who were about to attend school. And sadly, it was the first time Jung-kook committed suicide afterwards. (Episode 1)
  • 2nd round of leap: Jung-kook is seen by Seokjin in his car walking among the crowds of students who were about to attend school but Seokjin didn't stopped by to talk to him and instead stared at him for long. On the way back, Seokjin passed by a building and heard a loud thud. He saw Jung-kook's body on top of his car. (Episode 2)
  • 3rd round of leap: Jung-kook later committed suicide on his way home by throwing himself into a building and falling into Seokjin's vehicle, dying in the process of falling. The 2nd round of loop happen because Seokjin's car is parked near the convenience store and coincidentally, the building Jung-kook fell from was the place Seokjin parked his car on. (Episode 2)
  • 4th round of leap: Seokjin who just came from the gas station, went to a convenience store only to hear a loud thud behind him. It was Jung-kook's body who fell from the construction building. (Episode 2)
  • 5th round of leap: Jung-kook run into thugs and got in trouble. After being assaulted, they left him on the streets. Afterwards, he walks down the street and continued his original plan of killing himself on the roof of the construction site. His actions of opening his arms which were depicted into different videos backed up the fact that he was ready to jump. At that moment, Namjoon called Jung-kook which further incited him to jump. Fortunately, Seokjin caught him and Jung-kook was saved. Seokjin gave him a hug, telling him how worried he was. He later received a call and learned that Yoongi was in hospital. The three of them came to see Yoongi but he died while being resuscitated. (Episode 5)
  • 6th round of leap: Instead of being ganged up by random men on the streets, Jung-kook was suddenly grabbed by Namjoon and Seokjin before bumping onto random men. Jung-kook wondered why the sudden reunion but Seokjin quickly left the two and went to Yoongi's residence. Namjoon complained about Taehyung who suddenly called after being detained at the police station. While walking on the streets, Namjoon asked about Yoongi to which Taehyung responded teasingly, "I saw him in my dream" while Jung-kook looked troubled upon hearing Yoongi's name. (Episode 6)
  • 7th round of leap: Everyone cramps inside Seokjin's car as they make their way to the said hotel that Yoongi was staying through Taehyung's guesswork. They got in a accident with a truck and Seokjin regrets putting everyone's lives in another danger. (Episode 6)
  • 8th round of leap: Seokjin realized his hastiness in saving everyone and as he wakes up in his bed after going back in time, he mapped the directions where each accidents would happen in search for the quickest possible way to save Yoongi. (Episode 6)[1]
  • 9th round of leap: TBA
  • 10th round of leap: TBA


  • Abusive Parents: The Notes mention his stepbrothers bullying him while his stepfather and the stepfather's family treat him like he doesn't exist. According to Jung-kook, his biological mother doesn't really care about him and only pretends to in front of other people, and has been that way since his father left. Namjoon describes him as a kid who never received affection.
  • Anxiety Dreams: In the Notes, he has a nightmare about Yoongi's bed being on fire, with Yoongi on it, while going through a fever. He wakes up screaming and crying. It's not clear if it's a memory from him rescuing Yoongi in that loop or a Flash Sideways.
  • The Baby of the Bunch: The youngest of the group, like his real life counterpart. He's also shown to be wide-eyed and playful (sometimes messing with the others without much consequence); he looks up to the others, who in turn take care and have a soft spot for him (most notably Yoongi and, in WINGS era, Namjoon). He appears somewhat childish in some of the imagery (balancing himself on railings in "I NEED U" and "Euphoria", sitting and playing on swings in "Blood, Sweat and Tears" and the WINGS Tour Trailer, and being the student to Namjoon's teacher in "Blood, Sweat and Tears"). He describes the others as his friends, but also his family and teachers.
    • In SAVE ME, Jin treats him a lot like a little brother, worrying and caring for his safety; after he first rescues Jung-kook from falling, Jin hugs him in relief and starts asking him what he's doing all alone, which reminds Jung-kook of his mother.
    • Also defied. He appears facing a door alongside the rest of the group in the WINGS Tour VCRs, with the others going forward without him, and Jung-kook struggling to catch up; as shown in the Notes, he wants to become a real adult (due to his desire to overcome his fear of losing his friends), and asks Namjoon to help him. His appearances in the symbolism-heavy WINGS-era videos and teaser, where he's shown drinking what seems to be absinthe and dipping his fingers in an odd black substance and sucking on it, appear to represent his seeking of knowledge and possible corruption.
  • Break the Cutie: Feeling unwanted by his family, he clings to his friends, having the classroom they all use to hang out as the only constant in his life. Then Yoongi gets expelled, the group separates, leaving him to watch it all fall apart, and he's left alone. Then years later, he reunites with Yoongi, and it doesn't go well. By the time we first see him in SAVE ME, he's hit the Despair Event Horizon.
  • Commonality Connection: With Yoongi. In The Notes, after their talk about dreams and noticing that both of them tend to bite their nails to the point of getting their cuticles raw, Jung-kook wonders if Yoongi wants to give up on the world, too, and the two end up bonding over Yoongi's music. Later, Seokjin notes that despite the age difference and Yoongi's seemingly less approachable nature, both of them have the same look in their eyes and thus have an understanding that draw them to each other. Seokjin exploits this in later loops by having Jung-kook save Yoongi from suicide and not interfering in their interactions.
  • Cool-Down Hug: Tries this on Yoongi when the older gets in a drunken rage in "RUN". It doesn't work.
  • The Cutie: Being young and wide-eyed, with his worst fear centering around losing his friends, he fits this role.
  • Deal with the Devil: In the Notes found in Tear, it's revealed that Jung-kook made a deal with a mysterious figure right after the car crash in order to stay alive.
  • Despair Event Horizon: In "I NEED U", as revealed in The Notes and SAVE ME. Years after the group's separation, he believes himself unwanted, wanders alone, intentionally gets beaten up by strangers, and (in the original events changed by the time loop), he kills himself. In "I NEED U", when we see his face right before he gets hit by a car, he just stares at it, unmoving.
  • Disappeared Dad: As shown in The Notes, his father left home when Jung-kook was still a child, saying that he the world had become too heavy to bear. Jung-kook has blamed himself for that since.
  • Driven to Suicide: As "Euphoria" and The Notes imply and SAVE ME confirms, he throws himself off a building in the original timeline. In the subsequent time rewinds, Seokjin has the misfortune to see him die. Twice. He's also shown by the narration in The Notes to have been depressed and suicidal for quite a long time prior.
  • Family of Choice: To Jung-kook, the other boys became his only real family.
  • Foil: The girl Yoongi meets in the Highlight Reel videos is this to Jung-kook. The way she takes his lighter away from Yoongi to keep him from smoking has similarities to the scene of Jung-kook blowing out the flame in Yoongi's lighter in "Prologue". The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: The Notes goes further by describing the girl as assertive and very blunt in her expert critiques of Yoongi's music - with the latter having to work extremely hard for her to say a song of his is "nice" -, while Jung-kook has a very hard time expressing himself and (not being an expert) likes pretty much everything Yoongi makes.
  • Friendless Background: As mentioned in the Notes, in the past Jung-kook hanged out pretty much all the time with one or more members of the group, or sometimes just hanged out alone at the room they used as their hiding place. He was also the only one who didn't share a class with any of the others [notes 1] and there's no mention of other friends of his. When he's shown entering school in SAVE ME, he never interacts with any of the kids around him. Taking both this and his family situation into account, things seem to have really sucked for him after the group separated.
  • Get A Hold Of Yourself Man: Tries this after his Cool-Down Hug doesn't work with Yoongi in "RUN". Doesn't work, either.
  • I Just Want to Be Badass: Downplayed. He asks Namjoon to teach him how to be a real independent adult, and tries to become more self-sufficient.
  • I Just Want to Be Loved: His attachment to the others is implied to be due to a lack of affection from his family combined with a Friendless Background, making the trope a possible interpretation of this.
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: His main motivation seems to be his older friends (or hyungs)'s happiness and well-being, as well as recovering what they once had, as they were his only friends (see Friendless Background above). As seen in the Notes (and implied by the "RUN" music video), he was particularly affected by seeing the group fall apart.
  • Interrupted Suicide: In SAVE ME, Seokjin rescues him in the time loop when Jung-kook is about to throw himself off a building. In the later loop in The Notes 1, he instead receives a call from Yoongi when he's about to jump.
    • Appears in "Euphoria" rescuing Yoongi from the flames in Yoongi's suicide attempt; this is how Yoongi is rescued in the later loops according to The Notes 1.
  • It's All My Fault: Blames himself for Yoongi getting expelled after he hit a teacher and the ensuing fallout according to the Notes, because Yoongi did it to defend him.
    • As revealed in The Notes, he thinks his father abandoned him because Jung-kook was too much of a burden to bear.
  • Living Emotional Crutch: Defied. The others are this to Jung-kook, being the only ones who ever really gave him affection, and he has become reliant on them as a result. He, however, wants to become a real adult to learn to live without them.
  • Motifs: One he shares with Yoongi, which is the piano, a key element in their relationship.
    • He's also associated with drawings, which he's seen making himself. These include a drawing of Yoongi and a painting of someone (confirmed to be Yoongi, too) in the "Begin" teaser, and a painting of a butterfly, seen in the WINGS Tour trailer - with butterflies being a motif associated with Yoongi.
    • A recurring image - up to the point of being a Recurring Camera Shot - that has appeared in the VCRs for the WINGS Tour and the LOVE YOURSELF-era WINGS Tour final concerts, as well as the "FAKE LOVE (extended ver.)" music video, is the older members simultaneously walking through some kind of door, unflinchingly looking forward, and Jung-kook being the last to catch up while anxiously looking at the others.
  • Plot-Triggering Death: His fate in the original timeline (plus two more) is one of the main things that make Jin set out to make things right.
  • Self-Harm: As revealed in The Notes, he as a child kept picking on a wound taken from a knife cut on his finger, and has made an habit of hurting himself since.
  • Undying Loyalty: He's very attached to the others. Even after a teacher hits him asking him if he keeps hanging out with his friends, he remembers the beating Yoongi suffered to protect him and decides to endure the beatings while refusing to lie. When it all falls apart, he's crushed.[2]


  1. The Notes mention that Seokjin was held back a year due to having studied in the U.S. and having to adapt to the Korean school system, so he shares a class with Yoongi here

Jung-kook/The Notes[]

The Notes by Jung-kook, written in the form of diary entries.




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