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Jack In The Box is the debut studio album by j-hope. It was released on July 15, 2022 with "Arson" serving as the album's title track. A pre-release track "MORE" was released on July 1, 2022. A physical version "HOPE Edition" of the album was released on August 18, 2023.

This album is part of the Chapter 2 and the BTS Chronicle.


j-hope of 21st century pop icons BTS released a new solo album Jack In The Box.

Jack In The Box lends voice to j-hope’s aspirations to break the mold and grow further. The album represents j-hope’s own musical personality and vision as an artist.

Jack In The Box comprises a total of 10 tracks. The two main tracks, “MORE” and “Arson,” narrate the stories inside and outside the box respectively, conveying the core message that penetrates the whole album.
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  • Weverse Album [Card Holder (Random/1ea of 2ea)+Photocard A (1ea)+Photocard B (Random/1ea of 2ea)+QR card (User Guide)]
  • Vinyl (Limited Edition) [Outer Sleeve (1ea)+Vinyl (1ea)+Booklet (1ea)+Lyrics (1ea)+Folded Poster (1ea)+Photocard (1ea)] (December 12, 2022)
  • HOPE Edition (Repackage) [CD (Random/1ea of 2ea)+Photobook (1ea)+Lyric Book (1ea)+Paper Toy (Random/1ea of 2ea)+Paper Toy User Guide (1ea)+Sticker Pack (2ea)+Poster (Random/1ea of 2ea)+Photocard (Random/2ea of 4ea)] (August 18, 2023)


  1. "Intro" - 0:58
  2. "Pandora's Box" - 2:36
  3. "MOREMORE" Pre-release - 3:00
  4. "STOP (세상에 나쁜 사람은 없다)" - 2:02
  5. "= (Equal Sign)" - 1:54
  6. "Music Box : Reflection" - 1:10
  7. "What if..." - 2:16
  8. "Safety Zone" - 2:45
  9. "Future" - 2:19
  10. "방화 (Arson)" Title - 2:39




Sales certifications for Jack In The Box
Region Certification Certified units/sales Date of Certification
South Korea (KMCA) Platinum 250,000+ September 8, 2022 [1]



  • The album topped the iTunes Top Albums Charts in a total of 49 countries and regions.[2]
  • As December 2022, the album has sold 541,999 copies only in South Korea and it has been certified Platinum on Circle Chart and KMCA.[3][4][5]


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