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j-hope (제이홉) is the one of the seven main protagonists of the BTS Island: In the SEOM game.


Everyone knows about j-hope that he’s definitely the “Happy Virus” of BTS. As expected, it means that the energetic idol is perfectly portrayed in the animated and energetic character.

With so much excitement and emotions, j-hope’s character perfectly showcases all of this. In particular, there is a wide range of expressions when he sulks, right down to the shape of his pouting lips. Jung Kook specifically asked that j-hope’s pout lips were included according to the descriptions.[1]



The bands energetic choreographer, j-hope, is usually humming as he busies himself with his tasks on the island. He's Is enthusiastic about everything he does, from dancing to putting up decorations.

The game has perfecly captured j-hope's expression when he sulks, right down to the shape of his pouting lips.[2]




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