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Hwagae Market (화개장터) was a show made by Suga and J-Hope. The show was about them doing livestreams via V Live without a theme in specific.


P-O Hwagae Market Ep 1 Hwagae Market pre-open
(화개장터 pre-open)
September 30, 2015
0 Hwagae Market Ep 2 BTS Hwagae Market Episode 0 [ Public Apology Broadcast ]
(BTS 화개장터 0회 [ 대국민사과방송 ])
March 2, 2016
1 Hwagae Market Ep 3 BTS Hwagae Market Episode 1 [ Baseless Broadcast ]
(BTS 화개장터 1회 [ 요지부동 ])
March 2, 2016
1.5 Hwagae Market Ep 4 BTS Hwagae Market Episode 1.5 [ Penalty ]
(BTS 화개장터 1.5회 [ 벌칙수행 ])
June 20, 2016
2 Hwagae Market Ep 5 Hwagae Market: Comes to the Philipines!
(화개장터 : 필리핀에 오다!)
May 5, 2017
3 Hwagae Market Ep 6 BTS Live : SOPE Skin Care😆
(BTS Live : 솝 꿀피부를 부탁해😆)
June 23, 2017
4 Hwagae Market Ep 7 BTS Live: Hwagae Market Disbandment Announcement
(BTS Live: 화개장터 해체 발표)
April 1, 2019


  • In their first personal introduction, Suga sang part of a famous song about the marketplace adapting it to themselves.
  • The name represents them coming together despite their differences, and having fun together.
  • When starting a broadcast they “open” the doors to the market and when ending they close them.