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Gureum (구름) was a white Maltese dog who belonged to Jung Kook's family.


Gureum was a male dog and lived with Jung Kook's parents and is cared for very well by his older brother. Gureum is an adorable dog who is mostly seen wearing cute outfits.

On March 8, 2022, Jung Kook's brother announced via an Instagram story that Gureum passed away near the end of 2021.[1]


Jung Kook[]

We don't see many Gureum and Jung Kook interactions as he lives with Jung Kook's family, but they are very cute together. Gureum was Jung Kook's only dog almost for 20 years. He had mentioned previously that Gureum does not remember him possibly due to him not being at home most of the time.


  • ARMY would sometimes refer to him as Cloudie.
  • Gureum is a rescue dog. Jung Kook mentioned that he adopted Gureum from an animal rescue shelter.