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Trigger Warning: This article or section has mature content, such as:
Depressive Themes, Violence, Suicide, and Alcoholism, view at your own risk.
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Graffiti Street is a fictional location from Songju City, where Kim Tae-hyung makes graffiti.


Tae-hyung comes out of the convenience store and finds the wall where the girl drew her first graffiti and where he had saved her from the police. He says he hasn't met her since then. He finds a large "X" sprayed over the graffiti. He recalls all the memories they have together and he feels like all of them now feel fake.

Under the "X", he finds a short sentence "it’s not your fault" which he believes was written by the girl. He recalls the day, when he went looking for his mom. He heads home, Magnolia Mansion to find his alcoholic dad. He keeps repeating "its not your fault" to himself.

–花樣年華 THE NOTES 1
Tae-hyung, 11 August Year 22


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Physical location[]

Year 22

March 29: Tae-hyung gets hit by the gas station owner for doing graffiti there. He crouches below his graffiti, remembering the time when he started doing them. Back then, he just picked up a spray can and started spraying on the wall with no thought. Though he thought it was ugly, he knew it was a part of him. Tae-hyung begins to cough up blood when Nam-joon appears and picks up the spraycan. He then helps Tae-hyung stand back up.[1][2]

April 11: Tae-hyung has a dream of Seok-jin for the first time after seeing him since Year 20. He recreates Seok-jin's face with black spraypaint, but stops as he is about to draw the pupils. He realises he doesn't know how he could do the pupils because the ones he saw in his dreams were cold, an expression Tae-hyung had never seen in Seok-jin's face until that dream. Tae-hyung recalls how Seok-jin watched terrible events with the expressionless face, knowing that it wasn't the Seok-jin he knew. He doesn't know why he had such a dream. As he ponders, the police comes after him.[3]

July 17: Tae-hyung looks for the girl but finds no one. Although they never arranged to meet, he knows that the girl would somehow always pop up and follow him. He ends up at a wall where the girl did her first graffiti. Only now however, a large "X" is drawn over her drawing. Although he didn't witness it, Tae-hyung knows that "X" was done by the girl. However, he doesn't really know for sure as to why. He looks back to all those times they spent together. He feels as though the large "X" meant all the memories were fake. He feels upset, but doesn't know why. Tae-hyung ends up walking away, realising that the both of them were alone again.[4]

July 18: Nam-joon and Tae-hyung have been looking around the rooftop of buildings in Songju for the last two week. Their only hint comes from Tae-hyung's dream of a can of coffee and a four-leaf clover. Nam-joon notes how it has been raining for a few days, and that eventually, they gave up on bringing umbrellas. Nam-joon looks up to the building, which contained the offices of one Kim Chang-joon. Tae-hyung asks who he is, which baffles Nam-joon because it was one of the cases where Tae-hyung didn't seem to know the obvious. Nam-joon tells Tae-hyung that Kim Chang-joon is Seok-jin's father.[5]. Meanwhile, Ji-min is walking around the convenience store near the neighborhood of their old school. He comes across a graffiti that he recognizes as something done by Tae-hyung. It's a graffiti of a person that showed no particular emotion.[6] Ji-min immediately recognizes it to be Seok-jin. However, as he thinks of Seok-jin, someone else's face comes to his mind that ends up looking identical as well to the graffiti due to their soulless eyes. Suddenly, Ji-min realises who he has to find.[7]

Location mention[]

Year 22

June 13: Seok-jin notes how no one contacted each other since they last saw each other at the sea. He recalls the fight that transpired between him and Tae-hyung and how everyone left in the end. He passes by the gas station where Nam-joon works at, thinking about how one day they would all come together and be happy again. Just then, Ho-seok calls Seok-jin to tell him that Jung-kook got into a car accident the night they separated.[8]


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