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"FRI(END)S" is a digital single by V. It was released on March 15, 2024.

This single is part of the Chapter 2 and the BTS Chronicle.


'FRI(END)S', with its emotionally stimulating rhythm, witty lyrics, and devilish tone, is a sweet 'confession song' that goes well with the pink spring. It is a Pop Soul R&B genre, and the sweet melody and calm rhythm give a comfortable feeling. The melody of the song starts out warmly, like sprouting buds on a spring day, and gradually escalates along with the flow of emotions.

Through this song, V confesses that although they have been friends for a long time, they have now put an end to their friendship and want to develop their relationship into something more. The title with parentheses around 'END' in 'FRIENDS' implicitly expresses this story. You can also feel wit in the lyrics, such as "Now I'm over pretending, So let's put the "end" in friends."

V fills the song richly by switching between bass and falsetto, and the choir in the second half brings the song to its peak with intense energy. V's voice, which resonates pleasantly like a gentle spring breeze, stimulates excitement. The heavily repeated beat makes the song more dramatic, like the fast heartbeat of the person confessing. So, when I listen to 'FRI(END)S', I feel tired as if I am facing warm sunlight.


  • FRI(END)S [Digital EP] (March 15, 2024)


Digital EP[]

  1. FRI(END)S Title
  2. FRI(END)S (Instrumental)
  3. FRI(END)S (Sped Up) Remix
  4. FRI(END)S (Slowed Down) Remix


Awards and Nominations[]

Music program awards[]

Song Program Date
"FRI(END)S" M Countdown (Mnet) March 21, 2024
March 28, 2024





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