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COOKY (쿠키) is a main character created by Jung Kook and one of the eight characters of the brand BT21. They were first introduced on September 26, 2017.[2]


During an official video with BT21, ARMYs saw these idols create their characters. Jung Kook sketched his spunky rabbit. After a quick brainstorming session with the other members, he named the character COOKY, giving the bunny a brief backstory.

This character’s name is also a nod to Jung Kook’s nickname. Aside from his “Golden Maknae” nickname, ARMYs call Jungkook everything from “JK” to “Jungkookie” to “Kookie”. “Cooky” is not spelled the same as “Kookie”, it still has a similar pronunciation.



COOKY is a red rabbit with the right ear bending down, the left triangle eyebrow is thick while the right normal one is thin. The inner ears, hands and heart-shape on the back of the tail is white.


COOKY is very strong and works out a lot. According to Metro, COOKY also works out a lot. He imagines that he transforms into a huge “muscle man” when he gets angry. In BT21 cartoons posted to YouTube, this character even showcased a leg workout routine.

Relative Persons[]


Buff, tough, rough boxer

COOKY's father C-GUL is a blunt boxer. #Power #SportsMania #RealMuscles


Nothing but sweet BFF

JOOKY is a friend of COOKY who used to learn boxing together. #Bestie #Brown #Cute #Innocent


Disappeared bestie

IAN, who was once very close to COOKY and JOOKY, one day disappeared after fighting with JOOKY. #BlackEars #Mystery




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