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Convenience Store is a fictional location from Songju City. This location is a branch of the American convenience store, 7-Eleven.


Seok-jin meets up with Nam-joon at a tent bar. He had received the call in the afternoon after Nam-joon had finished his shift at the gas station. Nam-joon downs one glass after another, and confides to Nam-joon that he feels extremely exhausted, he had no emotional energy left to help Jung-kook and Tae-hyung, and only felt like he was pretending to be friends. He feels guilty of making up excuses even now. Seok-jin remembers how Jin had defended him that day when he caught up snitching to the Principal.

He asks why he did that then, in turn Nam-joon asks why he had snitched instead. Seok-jin shares everything with Nam-joon, telling him about his family problems and his cold relationship with his father. Nam-joon encourages him to tell his truth to others as well. Jin wonders if anyone would believe him. He recalls seeing Tae-hyung working and being jovial at the convenience store. He wonders how to reconcile with Tae-hyung.

–花樣年華 THE NOTES 1
Seok-jin, 14 July Year 22


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Physical location[]

Year 22

June 25: Someone is following Tae-hyung, who notes that this would be the first time they met at the convenience store. However, every time he would look, the person would disappear and he would pretend to not have seen her. Eventually, that person follows Tae-hyung to an alley and he surprises her, telling that he had known she has been following him all this time.[1]

July 18: Nam-joon and Tae-hyung have been looking around the rooftop of buildings in Songju for the last two week. Their only hint comes from Tae-hyung's dream of a can of coffee and a four-leaf clover. Nam-joon notes how it has been raining for a few days, and that eventually, they gave up on bringing umbrellas. Nam-joon looks up to the building, which contained the offices of one Kim Chang-joon. Tae-hyung asks who he is, which baffles Nam-joon because it was one of the cases where Tae-hyung didn't seem to know the obvious. Nam-joon tells Tae-hyung that Kim Chang-joon is Seok-jin's father.[2]. Meanwhile, Ji-min is walking around the convenience store near the neighborhood of their old school. He comes across a graffiti that he recognizes as something done by Tae-hyung. It's a graffiti of a person that showed no particular emotion.[3] Ji-min immediately recognizes it to be Seok-jin. However, as he thinks of Seok-jin, someone else's face comes to his mind that ends up looking identical as well to the graffiti due to their soulless eyes. Suddenly, Ji-min realises who he has to find.[4]

Meaningful location mention[]

Year 22

July 17: Tae-hyung looks for the girl but finds no one. Although they never arranged to meet, he knows that the girl would somehow always pop up and follow him. He ends up at a wall where the girl did her first graffiti. Only now however, a large "X" is drawn over her drawing. Although he didn't witness it, Tae-hyung knows that "X" was done by the girl. However, he doesn't really know for sure as to why. He looks back to all those times they spent together. He feels as though the large "X" meant all the memories were fake. He feels upset, but doesn't know why. Tae-hyung ends up walking away, realising that the both of them were alone again.[5]

Location mention[]

Year 22

BU 4 July Year 22 (Love Yourself Tear) 2

Ji-min colliding with the girl.

July 4: Ji-min is practicing a dance with someone else. However, he loses his flow and ends up colliding with her. Ji-min falls and his arm begins to bleed.[6] He suddenly gets flashbacks of the Grass Flower Arboretum and panics, heading to the bathroom to furiously wash off the blood.[7] He thought that he had already overcome it, but he didn't. As he washes the blood off his arm, he realises that he wasn't the only one who fell. Ji-min goes to check on his partner to find no one. He sees at a distance outside Ho-seok running while carrying the girl. Ji-min grabs an umbrella to catch up and give it to them but stops.[8] He realises that he couldn't do anything for falling and hurting someone just to run away. He tells himself that it wasn't okay before correcting that he is okay and that his injury isn’t serious.[9] Ho-seok arrives at the hospital. While waiting, the girl's bag falls to the floor.

BU - 4 July Year 22 (Love Yourself Tear)

Ji-min washing the blood off his arm.

As Ho-seok picks up the items, he finds a plane ticket. At that moment, the doctor calls for him. The doctor tells him that the girl only had a mild concussion and that she'll be alright. The girl wakes up shortly thereafter and meets back up with Ho-seok. She notices her ticket peeking out of her bag and Ho-seok tells her that they should go. Outside, it is still raining heavily. The girl was about to talk to Ho-seok but he interrupts, saying that he'll get an umbrella and runs off to the nearest convenience store. Ho-seok knows that the ticket was for the overseas dance team the girl had auditioned for before. He ran away because he didn't want to hear her say it, nor did he have the courage to congratulate her.[10]


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