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Trigger Warning: This article or section has mature content, such as:
Depressive Themes, Violence, Suicide, and Alcoholism, view at your own risk.
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Counstruction Site is a fictional location from Songju City.




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Physical location[]

Year 22

BU - 11 April Year 22 (Love Yourself Her)

Jung-kook getting beaten up by thugs.

April 11: Seok-jin goes to the beach, reminiscing the time they all went there before.[1] He notes how everything stayed the same, except this time he was alone. He turns back and hops onto his car. He passes by their old school as his window is kept open. He heads off to the gas station where Nam-joon works at.[2] Meanwhile, Jung-kook bumps into some thugs on purpose, leading him to get beaten up. The thugs call Jung-kook crazy for laughing while getting beaten up and start hitting him more. He is eventually left on the ground as he recalls how his step-brother would kick him, the rest of his new family would not acknowledge his existence, and his mother would act indifferent. He goes up to a construction site and stands at the edge of the railing before almost losing balance. Jung-kook realises then that if he dies, no one would be sad for him.[3] Nam-joon is at his container looking for a T-shirt for Tae-hyung to change with. Tae-hyung picks on himself, and Nam-joon and Ho-seok catch a glimpse of Tae-hyung’s bruised back. Nam-joon pretends to not have seen it, jokingly scolding Tae-hyung for being late due to doing graffiti and getting caught. He pretends to hit him while Yoon-gi goes up to hit Tae-hyung's shoulder.[4]

April 11: Seok-jin wakes up again. In the previous timeline, they were at a beach on May 22 when Tae-hyung climbed up a platform and leaped off. A mirror breaks and brings Seok-jin back to April 11.[5] Later that day, Nam-joon is working at the gas station when a crumbled bill brushes against his face. The customers are laughing at him, and from the distance he sees Seok-jin. He wants to stand up against them but knows that he can't because he's just a part-timer at the gas station. Nam-joon bends his head low when he sees Seok-jin pick up the bill as the customers drive away. Seok-jin doesn't move nor speak.[6] Jung-kook climbs to the rooftop and stands on the edge. He is about to jump off when his phone rings, revealing to be Yoon-gi.[7] Jung-kook and Yoon-gi walk along the train tracks and arrive at Nam-joon's container, which was the fourth one from the end. Ho-seok had invited him to join him to meet up with Nam-joon and Tae-hyung. The two come inside, with Ho-seok surprised that Yoon-gi actually came. Soon thereafter, Nam-joon comes inside with Tae-hyung, whose shirt is torn during his chase with the police. Yoon-gi sits in the corner as he watches the others. Nam-joon gives Tae-hyung a T-shirt,[8] Ho-seok gives out burgers and drinks, and Jung-kook stands awkwardly. Yoon-gi notes how the scene looked like back in high school. He wonders where Seok-jin and Ji-min are. He feels himself at ease, even if it was his first time going to the container.[9]

BU - 7 April Year 22

Yoon-gi drunk.

April 7: Yoon-gi, who is drunk, follows the sound of a piano when he nearly gets hit by a car. After he got almost brazed by the car, he notices the sound stopped. He looks at the metal drum spitting out fire and hears a loud piano sound as if someone smashed the keys on it. He goes to a music shop,[10] where there he finds Jung-kook by the piano. He didn't want to get close to him at first, remembering the time in highschool. He didn't want to be important to someone. Nevertheless, he ends up walking up to him, pointing out the wrong note to him. It is the first time they had seen each other since high school.[11][12]


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